Summer Ball - a pretty dress and a night to remember........

Just about a week and a half after moving house my husband and I went to our first event, the summer ball, here. Although the theme was some US-Midwest/Kentucky Derby/Cowboy type theme, the dress code was formal-below the knee for spouses/mess dress for the soldiers. 
I didn't have much notice and time to come up with an outfit so I made a dress similar to this one for the event and paired it with a knitted/crochet (??) bolero, me-made hairflowers and some pretty heels. It felt formal enough, was very much me and somewhat even suited the theme, I guess.

the official photo

There was a shooting booth, a bucking bronco and a Kentucky Derby booth as entertainment as well as a live country band and DJ plus some gorgeous food. 

I didn't even do too bad

Hubby riding the bull

And after the bull ride the night took a rather unfortunate turn. My husband hurt his arm so bad we ended it up in A&E to get it checked out. 

Luckily nothing was broken and he had only pulled a muscle. 


  1. Wow, you look amazing! I love your outfit!

    Luckily your husband didn't have anything broken!

  2. oh bea ihr beide seht ja bezaubernd aus! und diese schuhe, ein traum!
    ps: wenn es alles bei uns arbeitstechnisch so weiter läuft wollen wir kommendes jahr mal nach cornwall :)

  3. You look great with a rifle and dressed for a ball. Love the flowers in your hair and your pretty floral print dress. Your poor hubby! He parties hard!