Finished knitting project: Aran pullover with deep ribbing

Another knitting project finished. Actually this has been finished for a while but has been waiting to be blocked. It hasn't been very cold here in the UK until about a week ago so I didn't need a jumper (as it's called in the UK) this warm. But boy has that changed. It's faaaareeeeeeezing!!! now and this little number is most welcome.
It's the first pattern I knitted from "Fitted knits" and a great conficence boost when it somes to my knitting skills. Just like with this pattern, all you need to know is knit and purl and with a little patience....et voila, you have yourself a nice warm wooly jumper.
work in progress
getting there.....in need for sleeves and collar
And here is my version.


  1. Replies
    1. Stricken tu ich nur fuer mich :-) aber ich kann dir gerne das Strickmuster schicken. Ist nicht sounderlich schwer wenn du rechts u links stricken kannst.

  2. You look amazing in it! You have inspired me to get knitting, for next winter... obvs! Oh well, the tortoise wins the race, in the end!

    Bundana x

  3. Great job on your first sweater!! My first sweater was a disaster! :-D I'm so glad to hear that knitting is working out for you; the world can always use another knitter.