New years dress - Simplicity 1777

My husband and I went to a New Years casino party and I decided I needed a new dress for that occasion. By the way, I always need a new dress for any occasion ;-) hahahaha. What girl doesn't. I didn't have a lot of time to plan and make the dress though as I was all over the place in December. I finally decided on making a dress from a comercial pattern and had simplicity 1777 in my stash for a while. It was time to give this pattern a try.
I like the look and styling on the pattern envelope, had some crepe back satin to make it, that seemed festive enough and got to work. I cut it out on the 30th of December and sewed it up on New Years eve. I know I am very organised when it comes to my own personal sewing.....not!
Anyways, I decide on view B with the contrasting panel but made short sleeves instead of long ones as I was running out of fabric.
This dress is a relatively quick project to sew. There are only very few pieces but added all together they make quite an eye catching dress, I think. The only tricky bit (I would say) is the gathering around the pointy end of the midsection.

Anyways, here is my version. I really like the way it turned out. The short sleeve were great on New Years Eve. It was very warm at the restaurant/pub we went to.
The Casino night was all for Charity and whoever won the most "money" by the end of the night won something ??? I have already forgotten what it was. We came second though which was great.
me loving Blackjack...
And last but not least, a little silliness from us. As the night went on and we may or may not have had a few drinks, my husband spotted the helium balloons. Next thing, this happened............
PS this is why I shouldn't drink ;-)


  1. I really love your colour and fabric choice for your dress - it looks fantastic! :)

  2. stunning! your dress came out wonderful! and how awesome to have a casino night for charity!

    1. Thank you. Yeah a little gambling is a lot if fun. Especially if the money goes towards a good cause.

  3. wow you look great in that dress!
    Kind regards Viola from Denmark

  4. I really like this pattern done up in your fabric selection. Very nice :)