This was Christmas

It went quicker than expected. As always. We had such a blast hosting Christmas this year. My parents were over (in fact they are flying back tomorrow) and my inlaws came down for Christmas day (including my sister in law and Dave's grandma) I cooked the turkey and about a million trimmings and filled everyone up so much, we didn't even make it to the desert. Must have been good then.
I couldn't believe the amounts of presents exchanged....and we are supposed to be in a recession.....not in this house it seems. Anyway I am so happy and grateful everyone had a good time and an aching belly later. My friend Julie and her son Joe joined us in the evening for booze and yet more food of course and funny stories. I was glad that I had to translate for my parents therefore I was the least embarrassed as I was able to filter the amount of information passed on (NOT)
On to the new year now. Can't wait for that to start with "Butterflies and Hurricanes" ready to set of to the next level.


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