Knitted vest, high waist trousers and that mint green blouse again....

Just a quick weekend outfit post including a new knitting project. I knitted this vest while I was in Germany in December. I kind of toured all across the country from Duesseldorf to Berlin, visiting friends and family along the way (and any Christmas market that I came across!!!!) This left me with lots of dead time on trains and planes which I used to indulge in some knitting.

This is the result of all that knitting. A dark teal coloured vest. The pattern is again from Fitted Knits, just like this jumper and this bolero. It was the first knitting project that involved a little more pattern work that the previous ones. I really enjoyed making it, as just plain knitting or purling can get a bit repetitive and boring after a while.
this is the picture in the book (source)
I was lucky I found a wool aran in a similar colour as the one in the book. I really liked the look of it.
I finally got to wear it this weekend. My husband and I went to Henley on Thames for a little walk around town, charity shop browsing and a few rest day (Sundays are usually the only days I don't train) treats.
The mint green blouse came out to play again, matching sunnies and my super high waist trousers
(available here)
beer and pastries, yes please!!!


Mint green and red

More pussy bow blouses, sorry guys what can I say, its one of my favourite styles. This time I used a vintage pattern though. So you are looking at a very different style tom the previous ones I made from my own pattern.

I used McCalls 7385 view B but cut short sleeves instead of the long ones. The fabric is a mint green pin spot poly cotton I already had, paired with red buttons for a (good) clashing contrast.
The colour combination was inspired by this picture on Pinterest.

I just love!!!! mint and red so I had to create an outfit incorporating those colours.
The blouse is a more boxy style and looser fit compared to my other ones but I like it just as much. I wore it out to a Burns Night dinner (sorry no tartan) so the extra room was much appreciated ;-)
I made the skirt, too. I wanted a little more 1960s flair so I went for a buttoned down A-line style and added a pocket and huge vintage buttons for detail. I used tomato red cotton drill for the skirt.
I think this outfit will see me through Spring as well.
And until it gets warmer, I'll pair it with a cardi. I think I'd like a red one better to go with this outfit but I haven't got one (sad I know, my last red cardi got paint all over the sleeves and I haven't replaced it yet ;-((((
I hope you all had a good weekend. Any mint or red or both on your sewing table????


Vintage inspired office girl: pinafore and blouse

A little librarian chic??? Yes please!!!
This is an outfit that was created unintentionally. I made both pieces independently to then realise they are working together very well, despite their clashing prints/patterns.
The blouse is another pussy bow blouse, same style as this one here but with short puffy sleeves instead of the straight long ones. I used a floral print poly cotton. I love the print and colours, so vibrant.
The pinafore skirt is made from a simple pencil skirt pattern. I drafted a scalloped high waistband to go with it and added optional straps so it can be worn either as just a high waisted pencil skirt or a pinafore. I used a very nice and soft checked suiting. I'm thinking of making a dress from the same material if it stays this cold (it's freezing here)
I'm very much into big bun hair dos at the moment, too. Cute and easy to do, and I can do it with post running/swimming hair. YEY!!!
Blouse and pinafore are also available to order here.


Finished knitting project: Aran pullover with deep ribbing

Another knitting project finished. Actually this has been finished for a while but has been waiting to be blocked. It hasn't been very cold here in the UK until about a week ago so I didn't need a jumper (as it's called in the UK) this warm. But boy has that changed. It's faaaareeeeeeezing!!! now and this little number is most welcome.
It's the first pattern I knitted from "Fitted knits" and a great conficence boost when it somes to my knitting skills. Just like with this pattern, all you need to know is knit and purl and with a little patience....et voila, you have yourself a nice warm wooly jumper.
work in progress
getting there.....in need for sleeves and collar
And here is my version.


Lena Hoschek Autumn/Winter 2013

Last night I watched the Lena Hoschek Autumn/Winter 2013 fashion show at Mercedes Benz fashion week in Berlin. As always, I am a fan of most of her collection. Lena Hoschek is one of my favourite designers. I think you can guess that.
This collection is drifting a little away from her usual all retro style and includes some punk elements (you can tell she has worked for Vieveienne Westwoos in the past) but not too far for me to still love it.
See for yourself:
 Some of my favourite looks:
I am always on the look out for inspiration and new designers (or new to me designers).
Any sugestions? Who/What inspires you?


Matchy matchy couple........

Last Satuday my husband and I went to a workdo at the Sergeants Mess. It was a formal dinner. Finally a chance to wear the red lace dress I made a little while ago.

I wore my hair upi a big bun with a lace fascinator. I thought it went well with the 60s-ish look of the dress.

Best thing, the dress matched his mess dress perfectly.



Short break in Devon

I thought I'd share a few impressions from our trip to Devon. We stayed in Exeter for two nights and spend most of our time hiking on Dartmoor around.





New years dress - Simplicity 1777

My husband and I went to a New Years casino party and I decided I needed a new dress for that occasion. By the way, I always need a new dress for any occasion ;-) hahahaha. What girl doesn't. I didn't have a lot of time to plan and make the dress though as I was all over the place in December. I finally decided on making a dress from a comercial pattern and had simplicity 1777 in my stash for a while. It was time to give this pattern a try.
I like the look and styling on the pattern envelope, had some crepe back satin to make it, that seemed festive enough and got to work. I cut it out on the 30th of December and sewed it up on New Years eve. I know I am very organised when it comes to my own personal sewing.....not!
Anyways, I decide on view B with the contrasting panel but made short sleeves instead of long ones as I was running out of fabric.
This dress is a relatively quick project to sew. There are only very few pieces but added all together they make quite an eye catching dress, I think. The only tricky bit (I would say) is the gathering around the pointy end of the midsection.

Anyways, here is my version. I really like the way it turned out. The short sleeve were great on New Years Eve. It was very warm at the restaurant/pub we went to.
The Casino night was all for Charity and whoever won the most "money" by the end of the night won something ??? I have already forgotten what it was. We came second though which was great.
me loving Blackjack...
And last but not least, a little silliness from us. As the night went on and we may or may not have had a few drinks, my husband spotted the helium balloons. Next thing, this happened............
PS this is why I shouldn't drink ;-)