Happy 2013!!

Hi everyone. I hope it is not too late to wish you all a very happy new year. May it bring you everything you wish for and more.
Now with the holidays over everyone is ready for the new year, full of new hopes dreams and most importantly goals. Only realistic goals ensure those hopes and dreams become reality. I hope you have already set yours. I have and I'm sure I will add to the list as the year goes on.
2012: We moved from Colchester to Reading (Arborfield to be precise), I got to meet some lovely ladies and make their wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, party dresses and other pretty frocks. My husband and I refurbished a house to be a student let investment property, we went on trips to Bristol and Bath, the Isle of Wight, Newcastle, Paderborn, the Lake District, Hamburg. We also ran a lot of miles , I learnt how to swim properly and I picked up knitting once again. I don't think I blogged much about the last two points as they happened rather late in the year when blogging was rare. (I was in Germany visiting family and friends before Christmas)
Of course 2012 wasn't all happy smiles all of the time but looking at the ups, the downs aren't too bad really. The only thing I really missed this year were our friends back in Colchester as we didn't get to see them as much as we would have liked. All in all we really can't complain. If 2013 brings more of the same I'm happy as a pig in poopy.
Now 2013, I do have some goals for you and plans mapped out to achieve them. I will be back on the blog more regularly, sharing sewing and now also knitting projects, shop updates, travel reports and running , swimming and cycling fun. I hope you are interested in all of the above and stick around.
This year I have decided to build up some stock for the shop instead of just 'made to order' pieces, I have a few sewing and knitting projects ready to blog about. We have had our first short break in Devon just after New Years.
I am also planing to get out of my comfort zone as far as my sporting endeavours go. I will keep running races (I already have the Brighton Marathon booked in April) but I am ready to branch out into triathlon as soon as my new racing bike gets delivered. I haven't blogged much about it but this has been in the works for a while and is a big deal for me. Now that I have the 'suck big time at swimming issue' solved, all I need it to do is not freak out on my first open water swim (still a huge challenge I have to master) and learn how to use 12747292 gears on a road bike. Betty Schwinn doesn't come with any snazzy features like that.
Last but not least, hopefully come Summer time and the next posting for my husband (yes we are moving again.......some things never change) we will be moving back to Germany for a few years. Fingers crossed.
So, that's on my plate for this year. For now that's plenty for me. Sorry about the lack of pictures in this blog post, there are lots if you follow all the links and plenty more to come in the next posts.
Let me know what your plans and goals for 2013 are. I hope you achieve whatever you set out for. If you blog about it, where can I follow you.
All the best and lots of love!!


  1. I think you have some wonderful plans set for 2013, and bravo for looking ahead to your marathons and triathalons! I'm especially excited to see all of your upcoming knitting posts since I can now understand how knitted garments are made - hooray!

    1. Thanks Meg, are you into knitting yourself? I am looking forward to seeing your future projects, too. Xx