and again...more blouses

I have been busy making more tops this week transforming last weekend's purchase into something wearable. I used the same blouse pattern as for the bow tie blouses but left the collar on them plain for a more casual look. I thought it suited the material better. Sometimes less is more...

The last one will be a Christmas present for my mum. Both my mum and my mother in law will end up in the same fabric, just different styles. I also made one for my sister in law but didn't take a picture before I wrapped it up....this is what happens if you do everything last minute... Hopefully I'll get one from her once she has opened her presents.
I am off to Germany tomorrow so there wont be much sewing in next two weeks unless I can't live without it for so long and use my mum's machine.
Have a lovely Christmas everyone and thank you so much for reading my blog and all your lovely comments. Also thanks to all you lovely bloggers out there for your inspiring posts and useful tips. As a new years resolution I want to be a bit better at commenting on your posts too.


Christmas tablecloth and napkins

I have turned the Christmas fabric I bought last weekend into some cute Christmas dinner table goodies that I will take home with me and give to my mum as an additional Christmas gift. I had plenty of red fabric left so I also made some for my in laws and send them off. This year, although celebrating Christmas is two countries, we will be using the same table linens. I turned the green fabric into a tablecloth. The napkins and tablecloth are probably the quickest and easiest Christmas gift anyone can whip up. All you need to do is cut the fabric into the right size you need and hem the rectangles/squares. I did a narrow hem around all pieces. On the table cloth I only hemmed the cutting edges, the selvages didn't need hemming as they are neat and straight anyway.


Weekend find/fabric bargains

I spend last weekend with my in laws because I am going home to Germany for the holidays and wont get to see them before Christmas any more. Although I went without hubby I had a brilliant time as usual. We went charity shop thrifting and I found lots of lovely bits and bobs for friends and family for Christmas. Unfortunately all presents are wrapped up before I thought about taking pictures. I did treat myself to a little something though and bought a Fred Astaire book.
I also got a lot of fabric bargains while I was up north.

 navy striped Jersey for some nice nautical tops
 two checks for some shirts...I love making them...
 some Christmas fabric that I will turn int some napkins for Christmas dinner
 And pictures from the book, enjoy!!


As promised...bow tie blouses

I am very much into separates these days. I think they are working better in the winter as it is easier to layer them and combine them with what's already in my wardrobe. Plus since they are short sleeved, they will be great for Spring next year too. I am not a huge fan of long sleeved shirts. I usually wear a cardigan over something short sleeved in the winter unless it's absolutely freezing.
Anyhoo, onto the pictures.

I am also working on anther blouse for my sister in law and one for my mum for Christmas at the moment. Pictures will follow soon.


A bunch of tops...

I have been very busy lately making up some little tops and blouses. My mother in law had a button back gingham summer top that she loves so much and has worn to death last summer so she asked me if I can make her something similar to that.
This also gave me a great idea for a Christmas present for her. I am lucky she doesn't read my blog regularly..only if I tell her there is something new and possibly of interest to her. In case you are reading this now Di, STOP and get back to work. Catch up after Christmas....
 This is the top she gave me to copy
 This was my 1st attempt at a button back top. I added little cap sleeves because I think they are cute.
 I pinned the top at the back so you can get a better idea of the fit. My mannequin is so tiny, everything in real people sizes looks like a sack on her.
 The back
 This is the one I will give to my mother in law for Christmas.

Love the flowers on the buttons

I have also made up some lovely bow tie blouses which I will share with you next time.


Me, playing housewife for John Lewis

I did a photo shoot yesterday with my friend Judy Payne, a lovely lady and great photographer. I have worked with her before on these pictures.

(click on the sheets for larger view)

This shoot was for a campaign for John Lewis and very much fun to do. Judy has just send me the contact sheets and I am thought I'd share them with you.