Vintage Vogue Fair in Brentwood

I have to apologize again for promising more regular posts and projects and the.....nothing.
I have been very busy preparing for the vintage fashion fair Julie and I attended last Sunday. It was a very successful day for us. Our stall did very well and we have decided to do the next one in June again. So stay tuned for lots of new clothing, bags and fascinators. I will be posting pictures from the fair asap. I have also finished one of the 3 bridesmaids dresses that I am making for a customer in Tennessee. I am currently working on the second one. Picture will follow. I am not posting any pictures today because I am currently without camera. My husband went on a two week holiday to California with some work mates. I am so jealous. They went skydiving (brave guys) so I didn't get to go. Anyway. I will catch up with lots of pictures soon.
Take care



Just a quick note apologising for the lack of posts this week. I haven't had much happening that was worth posting. I made a skirt but I am not happy with it. Therefore I didn't post any sewing adventures. I am currently finalizing an order for some bridesmaids dresses for a lovely customer, so you will see them in the near future and I am going away for two days to visit my husbands family. I should have loads to post about when we get back. They have great charity shops there and I always leave with lots of thrifty find.
Hope everyone had a great Paddy's day.


Finished dress

I finished the little floral print dress today. Well, almost. I am missing three more buttons but I will get them next week and then it's good to go. Just waiting for Spring now to wear it. I tried to take some pictures of the inside but the seams won't show up at all. It's all French seams. It's very comfortable. I might make a belt for it but I need to find the right colour cotton for it. I think a one-coloured belt would break up the pattern nicely. Anyway here are the pictures. I very much recommend this pattern. It's simple and straight forward.


Work in progress

I started a new project today. It's one of the vintage patterns I showed a few posts ago.
I am working on the short sleeved version. I am hopefull that Spring is just around the corner so I refuse making anything with long sleeves at the moment. I am french seaming the whole thing so I don't have to line it. So far I have finished the front and back but still need to sew up the side seams and one shoulder and finish the colar, sleeves and buttons/holes. But for today this is how far I got.
close up of the lovely fabric.
I'll finish it tomorrow. It's a great and easy pattern to work with and I am looking forward to showing you my finished version. But for now I have a date with my sweet butterflies and hurricanes partner Julie, some Chinese food and last nights episode of Mad Men. A girls gotta eat, right?


more spots

My husband is on a course away from home this week so the cat and I have the place to ourselves. She loves it because she gets to sleep in the bed with me.
The only thing I like about the situation is that I get to sew a bit more. I posted this
a few days ago. A little baby blue pin dot blouse. I liked the shape and fit of it so much, I made another one in pink from the same pattern from burdastyle. I didn't add the rushing because I wanted something plain for every day.
I decided to add a tie to the pink one. I have seen so many shirts and blouses lately that had a detail like this. I had to have one too. I got matching buttons again. Yey! I hope Spring is just around the corner now. I want to wear them. You think Emma Pilsbury from Glee would want one?


Vintage find

On my way to work and back I pass an Oxfam charity shop every day. Yesterday when I was on my way home they had this little gem in the window. Of course I had to have it. It's in perfect condition and looks lovely in my living room.



Creative Spaces

I thought I share my beloved workspace with you today. This is where all my little creations come together. Most of them anyway. I am so happy that me and my husband have found a house that has space for me to have my own workroom. Most of the time this place is in state of chaos but today I thought it looks good enough to share with everyone.
My desk and collection of endless amounts of stuff and tatt as my husband would say. I call it essentials
A very empty rail of finished projects. Most of them are already packed up for the upcoming Vintage Fair in Brentwood my friend Julie and I will be attending. And on the dummy is my latest project still unfinished in this picture. And finished in the next: Appologies for the lack of make up and hair but I just wanted a quick picture of the finished result. It was late and I went to bed straight after. How perfect are the buttons? I bought them a while ago and finally had the perfect piece for them to go with.


New Patterns

I received a bunch of vintage patterns today. I bought them on etsy a few days ago. I love etsy!!! Although I am having a little trouble with an indecisive customer at the moment, and no matter how helpful I am, it's all wrong. Anyway, I am not put off by any of this. Here are a few pictures of the patterns I am itching to sew. Has anyone made any of the styles before?


Semi Domestic Goddess

Why semi? It's my friend Julie's birthday tomorrow and I promised her a cake. I bought some cake mixes (this is where the whole thing becomes semi...it's out of a box but I still made it.....) in Germany and Dave picked this one for her:
So I baked
And filled the cake with
and decorated
And of course messed it up. I'll get some sugar writing tomorrow and try fixing it. It'll probably mess it up even more but hey it all about the efford and thought. Right? At least it has Mr Men candles which keeps the special factor high.
It's an 18x?+?=18 and a bit birthday so not being able to read the cake is not that bad. Anyways I hope she's having a lovely day tomorrow. XXXXX  My super awesome friend and business partner Julie. Have a great birthday, all the very best in the world and of course lots of shoes!!!