Anyone interested in a knit-along?

Remember the vintage knitting pattern book i bought this summer on one of my charity shop hunts? I was thinking we could maybe have a little knit-along if someone other than me is interested. I am not very good at knitting so we need to start with a pattern that is not going to lead to failure straight away but isn't a scarf or something like that. I have knitted and croched too many scarves in my life.
I hope a few experienced knitters join this so beginners or people like me who just are very slow and not that good at knitting have someone to ask questions if we get stuck.
These are the patterns I thought are not too difficult. They are rated two yarn balls (one is easy, two is medium and three is advanced), the one yarn ball pattern in this book is a scarf, the other one a wrap, which I have chosen as one of the styles to chose from.
These are the options:
The Evening Wrap
Tube Top and Bolero
Small Jacket
Angora Bolero

Would you be interested in a knit-along? Which one would be your favourite item to knit?


New old patterns

I went online pattern shopping on Ebay. Since I am now hooked on the quickie 60s style dresses I have gone a bit wild on pattern shopping. Be prepared to see these little dresses made up in (hopefully) the near future.
I love the sailor collar on this one. Anything nautical and I'm up for it.
I think this is oozing Mad Men, just like a picture of Joan and Bettie, don't you think?
Very simple style but I can already see all the versions you can make from a pattern like this.
A little fuller than the previous ones. Again quiet Mad Men, isn't it?
I am not sure about this one. It's very straight. I might have to alter that to be a bit more fitted. Straight cuts don't suit my shape. If it works once it's a bit more fitted around the waist, it could be a favourite.

Inspiration: High waisted trousers

I have been inspired by some of the high waisted trousers I have seen on the catwalk for Autumn/Winter. My favourite ones were by Chloe.
 In fact I like them so much, I decided I need to make a pair. I have never attempted trousers (Actually I did once but it went horribly wrong so I stayed away from any pattern with 2 legs involved) and now with winter coming up soon, I will take up the challenge again. I bought Burda 8848 a couple of months ago thinking I might make myself some sailor slacks but never did.
When I went out to one of the fabric shops here in Colchester yesterday I found this beautiful dog tooth cashmere/wool mix and had to buy it.
Hopefully this will make some nice wide legged trousers for winter.
Have you sewn Burda 8848 before? Any tips for me?


Happy customers

I received a picture from one of my customers the other day. She had one of my dresses made to order a little while ago and send me a picture of her wearing it to a friends' wedding. I love seeing my customers happy and my dresses being worn!


A little wander around Camden Market

After the Horrockses Fashion exhibition (see yesterdays post) Sam and I headed over to Camden market to top up our inspiration. Not that we needed any more inspiration but since we were already in London and still had half a day left, we headed for Camden. Always good to get some ideas. We went around all the vintage shops but didn't really buy anything. Not that there wasn't enough to buy...see pictures... but the prices have really gone up. I don't know whether it's still the recession or the increasing interest in vintage or just London prices, but it's quiet disappointing that you can't really find a bargain anymore.

After the exhibition we needed a little snack and a little refreshment aka cider
view from the pub
some quirky grafiti
and lots and lots of vintage
and at the end of it all some Swedish cider sampling and then back on the train home.


SSS day 17, 18 (a new dress) and 20

Day 17 was another summer dress combined with tights and cardigan.
Day 18 is yet another version of Simplicity 9059. This time I used lace for the yoke and some black satin bias binding around the neckline and cuffs. I also went for long sleeves instead for short. I haven't made many dresses with long sleeves before. I just wear thin long sleeve shirt underneath my dresses in the winter but I think long sleeves work for this style.
This picture reminds me a bit of the star trek uniforms. I hope you are not bored of seeing this dress made up over and over again. I promise this will be the last one for a while.
yoke detail
Day 20, the red dress again. With cardi to keep me warm.
I am missing this dress but it sold just after I made it. This would be a good autumn stable. Maybe I should make another one like it?! 


Horrockses Fashion Exhibition

Just thought I'd share some impressions from the lovely Horrockses Fashions exhibitions
(above) this is the dress that inspired me to use my lime green (husband calls it mustard)/black and ivory fabric
 (above) cotton wedding dress made from broderie anglais
(below) some lovely fabric swatches
(below) gorgeous fashion sketches
(below) I went with my work colleague Sam, we were both papping away like crazy.
(below) I loved those house coats. I decided I need one, especially for winter. They are so nice to wear around the house and apparently it was perfectly acceptable to greet visitor in one of them in the 40s and 50s. I agree, they are much nicer than most sweat suits a lot of people wear around their house.
(below) isn't the print just the cutest?

(below) another beautiful piece of material
two happy girlies