Knitting, anyone?

I found this book in a charity shop in Frinton last Friday. I went on a little charity shopping spree all weekend so there is more to come.
Anyway, my husband will be going to Afghanistan for 6 months later this year, leaving me alone through the winter. Since that time of year can be quiet depressing I am trying to line up enough projects to keep me busy and this knitting book is a very welcome find. I am alright at crochet but a very basic knitter. Hopefully this will improve my skills or turn into a complete disaster. Are there any knitters amongst you lovely readers? I need someone to turn to for advise when panic mode sets in.
I love this picture. She reminds me a bit of Dinae Krueger, don't you think?
This could be my first project. The tube top looks straight forward enough for me to make. And it seems it's the same stitch all the way through. I can do that....maybe?
This is my favourite cardigan out of the book. I love the contrasting colar.
Has anyone got this book and knitted any of the patterns?


  1. That book looks grand. I would be willing to knit along with you with one of these. You could copy off the pattern and we could knit together. I am a fairly good knitter and could help you out. I really like this idea if you are willing to do it. My son spent almost a year in Afghanistan, so I could be a big support for you there too. Just a thought.

  2. That first sweater is just grand! I wish I had this book now so I could make some of these! I can definitely help you with any questions you have. I'm an "advance" knitter and also a knitting instructor. Feel free to send me a line if you ever get stuck. I love knit-fixing. NancyLyn@gmail

  3. Hi you two, thanks for your offers to help me out before I start panicking and give up too quickly.
    Hubby is due to go in September/October, which is a good time to get the warm knitwear production rolling. I will send you the patterns.
    @ Nancy, I found the book on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Vintage-Knitwear-Knitters-Lise-Lotte-Lystrup/dp/0500514208/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1276763944&sr=8-1