A little colour please

I had to stop for a moment outside my house when I got home today. My front garden in bloom is just so joyful. I thought I share a few pictures with you. When we first moved in it was a right mess. Basically there was nothing there apart from a lot of pebbles and a few weeds. By March this year (we moved in July last year but had so much work with the inside of the house, we neglected the outside completely) it had all changed into an even bigger mess. Still full of pebbles, some crap that people dropped there walking by (can't blame them it didn't really make a difference) and a jungle of weeds. Finally we decided to change that and create some curb appeal as they say. We took all the pebbles out, ripped all the weeds out and filled it with soil and surrounded the flower bed with slabs. I planted a variety of plants in all colours. And now we have one of the nicest (I even believe the nicest) in the street. It's even more colourful now (I took the pics a week or so ago). And ever since then, nobody dropped a bit of rubbish in there.


  1. wonderful! good on you for improvinh your outdoor space..it DOES make a difference!

  2. That's so lovely. Gardens in bloom always make me happy!

  3. Oooooh-la-la! great garden! faboo job! :) i'm trying to grow some flowers but they're taking forever. :(


  4. Thank you!!!!
    @ Zinnia: I tried growing flowers from seeds many times and never got anywhere with it. We just got bedding plants this time and they were no hassle at all.