Lime green and pink

I have finished the lime green dress on Wednesday night. I have no shots of me wearing it yet but I wanted to share the finished project. I also made another dress yesterday which only needs a zip and two buttons (I might ave a go at self covered buttons) and the hem needs to be finished. I made a little belt to go with it.
Remember when I bought the fabrics a few weeks ago? I think this is the first time I ever bought a load of fabric and sewn it all into clothes without leaving one untouched. I still have a few remnants of the green and the pink I've sewn last.


New head pieces/fascinators in the shop

Julie came over for dinner tonight and after stuffing ourselves with some lovely stir fry and pear cider we took some pictures of her latest head pieces. We've already uploaded them to the shop.


Work in progress

I thought I post a work in progress report since there's not much else happening at the moment. I am working on the same pattern I used for this dress in the green/ivory cotton. I am almost finished with the bodice. Just need to add the cap sleeves. Then it's onto the skirt and I can add another Spring dress to the collection. I am thinking about adding pink buttons and maybe some other pink trimming to the dress. I like clashing colours. At work I constantly hear about how everyone wants to avoid colour clash and tries to blend in. How boring is that looking at the nice tone in tone wedding pictures. I had turquoise bridesmaids and yellow everything else. It just happened to be those colours and it was so vibrant to see those colours together. Plus all of our guests were as colourful as they wanted to be. I need to make a turquoise and yellow dress now, thinking about it. But for now it's this one:


front garden

Since I haven't got any new dresses to show yet and no other great stories to tell I thought I'd share some pictures of Dave and my last house decorating project. I started sorting out our embarrassing front garden the other day. Although it looked better it was still a dump in a way. We decided to take all the pebbles and stuff away, put down some slabs and soil and plant some flowers. A days job and less than £50 later we had this:


Little floral print tea dress

I finished my next little summer dress from one of the printed cottons I bought the other day. I love the details on it. The skirt has little pleats on the front and back, the collar is a nice detail as well as the sash. I probably could have made the bodice in the next size down as I don't seem to fill it quiet but hey, I'll just wear when I eat out, that way I got room for desert.


Birthday dress take two

I finally got to wear my birthday dress out for birthday dinner. It's probably still a bit summery for this time of year but whatever. I love it. It's so bright and joyful. Enjoy!


Day out

I had my birthday-day out yesterday. My actual birthday is not until Monday but we are both at work that day so we had a nice day out (I got to pick where to go) on Saturday instead.
We went to Audley End in Saffron Walden in Essex an old stately Jacobean mansion and boy did it not disappoint. We had a lovely picnic in the grounds around the house, took a tour of the very impressive mansion, and strolled through the grounds and gardens. If you are local or planing to visit the UK, I very much recommend this as a place to go and see. The town of Saffron Walden looks very beautiful too. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to walk through the town but we are planing to go back in May/June time when they have opened the stables as an extension to the variety of things to do and see on the grounds.
I also got to wear my new dress out. It was still a bit chilly so I wore a top underneath and tights but I am sure I will get lots of wear out of this one.


The feeding of the lambs

My husband is on leave this weeks. Lucky him, he just had a two week skydiving trip partially sponsored from work and now he's off again. Anyway so I took a day off as well so we can have some time together. We went to Layer Marney Tower today which is only just around the corner. We went to look at the old buildings and to explore the grounds bust most of all because they were advertising that you can go and bottle feed the lambs. So off we went. I totally forgot though that it is still Easter break over here and all the kids are at home/out with their parents. So, being the nice girl that I am, I let them have fun feeding the little fluffy lambs and stood back.

We had a great day out, went to a small nearby town and I found my new happy place. A well sorted fabric, haberdashery and general stuff shop. Of course I had to buy fabric....
I also received the last two vintage patterns I ordered on Etsy. Good that I got fabric then, huh?
I also finished my floral print dress. I just need to get some buttons to go with it. I want to wear this one on Saturday. Dave is planning a day out for us as a birthday trip.
And because they were soooooo cute and I am a bit disappointed I didn't get to bottle feed them one last picture of the little lambs.