Work in progress

I thought I post a work in progress report since there's not much else happening at the moment. I am working on the same pattern I used for this dress in the green/ivory cotton. I am almost finished with the bodice. Just need to add the cap sleeves. Then it's onto the skirt and I can add another Spring dress to the collection. I am thinking about adding pink buttons and maybe some other pink trimming to the dress. I like clashing colours. At work I constantly hear about how everyone wants to avoid colour clash and tries to blend in. How boring is that looking at the nice tone in tone wedding pictures. I had turquoise bridesmaids and yellow everything else. It just happened to be those colours and it was so vibrant to see those colours together. Plus all of our guests were as colourful as they wanted to be. I need to make a turquoise and yellow dress now, thinking about it. But for now it's this one:

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