Pictures at last

I finished another dress from my bridesmaids dress order and since I never posted a picture of the first one I send out, I will share one now. I made this dress with the lace detail before in black pin dot material. The lovely bride and her bridesmaids decided to go for red pin dot. I hope they will let me have a picture with all of them on the wedding day. If I get one I'll post it of course.
The pictures are a bit blurry, I know. I am using a different camera. My husband is still on said holiday and I don't want wait for another week to show any new projects. 
I also put up the kitchen curtains properly. It was about time. I thought I'd share some pictures of it. When we moved into our house we completely knocked out everything but the floor in the kitchen and put in a new one, tiled it all, painted and decorated the whole thing. Most of the job was obviously done by my wonderful husband. He put the kitchen together (I did help a bit putting the units together) and he did all the tiling, moving plug sockets etc. I did the painting and decorating. Last thing that went up was the curtains. And now I am presenting you the finished room. 

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