Weekly update?

Hi everyone, just a quick update so far. I have finished a few more halter tops this week. A different style to the tie-in-the-neck-and-back-ones (very crafty title) but I haven't photographed them yet. Apart from that I haven't made much more. I was busy watching Mad Men which seems to be my new addiction. Lets call it research as it is set in the late 50s/early 60s and everyone just looks absolutely gorgeous. As some of you know I don't own a TV (how vintage is that) so the show completely passed me by until I red so many comment son it in the Craftster forum. I had to investigate and now I am hooked. Expect a few Betty-ish items soon. I love her look. I also love Joan in her wiggle dresses but I have done a few of them in the past.
Enough of TV world.
I have just booked Julie and me in for the next Vintage Vogue Fair in March in Brentwood and hopefully we see everyone again and more. www.essexvintagefashionfair.com
I also had my first sale on etsy which is super exiting. I sold one of the backless crepe tops. I hope the buyer of this lovely little number will be very happy with it and wear it loads this summer. Thank you very much.
Anyway I am off to a lovely Sunday walk and Sunday Lunch in whatever country pub we will end up and in the afternoon I will be making gingham curtains for my kitchen to finish off that vintage look. I will post pictures.


More summer tops

And here's round two of summery tops. I finished them this weekend. They are lovely summer tops and super easy and comfortable to wear. Plus they will an absolute bargain in the shop. They are all unlined but all seams are French seams which gives the tops a lovely and neat finish and keeps them light and summery. An the best part is, they are suitable for sizes S and M due to the tie back. Maybe even a not too busty L can wear them. I can't wait until summer to wear them. But that will have to wait. These are going onto Etsy for now. I just made a dress for myself which has to do for now. I hope everyone loves these little tops as much as I do.
The dress is a dress I made a while a couple of weeks ago but I haven't posted it yet. I thought about adding some detail to it but I think the pattern is detail enough. I also made a top in this fabric which I posted last week.


Vintage Vogue Fair in Brentwood

I thought I never put up any pictures from the Vintage Vogue Fashion Fair Julie and I did in December. Well, it's never too late to catch up right? Here they are. We had a fabulous time and did really well that day. Thanks to everyone for being so supportive and I hope all customers are enjoying their new clothes, bags and head pieces. We are planning on coming back in March. I haven't booked the stall yet but will do in the next few days. I hope we see everyone again and more.


Finally one for myself

I finished another dress tonight. It's crepe fabric again. One of the gorgeous prints again. This was my favourite pattern out of all of them so I think I will keep it for myself. It's very summery therefore it's going in the wardrobe for now but as soon as the sun comes out I'll be wearing it.
Anyway, if you fall in love with it let me know and place an order.
I have also added the last few bits and bobs to etsy. The Dawanda shop is still rather empty but I'll get onto that next.


Vintage print tops

Here they are. The first load of vintage print tops. One is lilac gingham, the others are all printed crepe de chine. I love that material. It falls and drapes beautifully and the colours are even nicer in the flesh. As you can see I have a bit of a bow-theme going on. I didn't want to leave them plain. The shape and cut is quiet simple (just two darts in the front) and fits nicely. The surprise is the low back. They are perfect for spring summer. I( am planning on making little bolero type jackets soon to go with them and I am thinking about some skirts as well. Anyway I hope you like them. They'll go in the shop asap.
I can reorder the fabrics (so other sizes are no problem at all) but might run out of some of the materials I used for the detail.
Before I forget, they are all fully lined as well.


My new baby

This is one of the recent dresses. It's very Audrey Hepburn I think. I need to get better pictures for the shop done but I wanted to post it on craftster.org after I finished it. Perfect for any occasion. I can make this in other colours as well.

I am over the moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've had troubles with my sewing machine lately. I guess it wasn't happy with me using it constantly. Anyway I thought I ask my local sewing machine/fabric/haberdashery place for advice and then I walked out with a new sewing machine. Well it is a reconditioned one but it is a new many to me. I could never afford one like this if it was brand new.
It is so beautiful and probably the best investment since buying our house.

Here it is. For all makers amongst you...please be jealous. I hope for you, one day you can all have a beautiful machine like this.
I have also finished another two dresses and some tops. I just need to take some proper pictures before I can add them to the shop. Last but not least, I have opened a shop via Dawanda.
Not everything is on there yet but I will add more items on there soon. Here all prices are in € instead of US$ which makes it easier for most of us.


shop update

Updated a bunch of stuff on the Etsy shop today. There is still a lot more to be added. I started putting Julies bags and fascinators on as well. If you are looking for a nice outfit for the upcoming Spring and Summer weddings you can get your whole outfit from us. If you are looking for something else and can't find it let us know. I am sure we can help you anyway.

shop update

Morning everyone and a very happy new year. Mine started at a fantastic party at the Harboro Pub/Hotel in Melton Mowbray. I have to advertise this place because it's cosy and cute and I love going there every time we go back to my husbands home.
I celebrated with Dave, his dad and sister dancing and singing along to an ABBA tribute band. They were amazing. They also covered some Motown stuff to warm up. I didn't hear much of that because we were to busy drinking and catching up on everyone but I am sure it was as good as the rest of it.
The new year also started with the sale of one of my dresses. Hope it keeps going like that. I added a few more pieces to the shop. I will add some bags and headpieces from Julie soon. I already have all the information. She only forgot to give me prices, duh! Didn't think about it either.
Anyway happy 2010.