My new baby

This is one of the recent dresses. It's very Audrey Hepburn I think. I need to get better pictures for the shop done but I wanted to post it on craftster.org after I finished it. Perfect for any occasion. I can make this in other colours as well.

I am over the moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've had troubles with my sewing machine lately. I guess it wasn't happy with me using it constantly. Anyway I thought I ask my local sewing machine/fabric/haberdashery place for advice and then I walked out with a new sewing machine. Well it is a reconditioned one but it is a new many to me. I could never afford one like this if it was brand new.
It is so beautiful and probably the best investment since buying our house.

Here it is. For all makers amongst you...please be jealous. I hope for you, one day you can all have a beautiful machine like this.
I have also finished another two dresses and some tops. I just need to take some proper pictures before I can add them to the shop. Last but not least, I have opened a shop via Dawanda.
Not everything is on there yet but I will add more items on there soon. Here all prices are in € instead of US$ which makes it easier for most of us.

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  1. Love Butterflies and Hurricanes. Fantastic designs, colours and fabrics. Placed 2 orders already.