I am still here....

It's been very quite here lately, apologies for that. I have once again been away with the husband. This time to Germany to see my family and to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. We got back over a week ago and I had to catch up on work and just general stuff. We have been away a lot this year........

I couldn't really come up with any good blog post ideas so I just took a little break. I thought I'd rather not write a lot of boring crap just for the sake of it. There will be more sewing, outfits and cycling adventures soon. I just need a little longer to come up with things worth blogging about.

One thing, that might be of interest to some of you readers is that I am selling off some crafty books on Ebay. My husband and I will be moving in February (the latest) and we decided to get rid of a lot of stuff we don't need or use. As much as I love books on arts and crafts, I have not done any of the projects and I don't think i will. Most of them are brand new, some are used vintage ones. Here are the listings in case you are interested. I am currently not offering international postage but email/message me and I can change that if you are interested in any particular items.
I will also add some clothing items and other random stuff within the next few days too.

"The dairy book of home management" for the vintage home goddess

Dressmaking by Design by Charmian Watkins this is for anyone who wants to learn a bit more on pattern cutting. The projects are very 80s though. I guess you could adapt them for a different look. I never got around to doing that.

 Alternation: Transform. Embellish. Customize full of projects, especially reconstructions.

I am also working on building up my own business. Is any of you readers self employed or even running their own business in fashion? I could use advice wherever I can. Please get in touch!!!
Getting rid of STUFF is great. I love it!!! Not so long ago I was one of the worst hoarders ever (it's in the family....) but my husband is slowly turning that around. Being a soldier, living in a small space that gets inspected on a regular basis makes you good at being tidy and letting go of clutter.
Are you a hoarder or are you pretty good with keeping on top of what you need and what not?