Addicted to trousers

 I guess it's winter?!?
I think I have a problem, I am addicted to making trousers. Must be the time of year and all that snow currently falling out of the sky everywhere.....
Well I have made another pair of trousers but this one is not the Burda pattern. That would just be boring after a while. I decided to make a shorter pair that won't be hanging in the slush that will follow the snow fall shortly. The other two pairs I made before are very long so I can wear them with heels, this one even works with wellies. Tried it today.

Although I did make a different pattern, I still kept the button up front detail because I love that look. It kind of instantly says vintage or retro to me. The button up front on this one however is different to the Burda one, which is only and interfaced panel attached to the front of the trousers. This one is more like the Kasia skirt on Burdastyle and features pockets. Very awesome detail in the cold part of the year because you can warm your hands and hide the millions of tissues used. Hahaha.

When I first made up the trousers, they were absolutely massive on me, not even close to my size. I don't know what happened there but some major alterations were in order.

slightly clown-ish looking at this stage. This is still without the waist facing/waist band

But I got there in the end. Had to take them in all the way down on the side seams which worked very well. I also had to add a dart to each side of the front section behind the panel/
I love the buttons. My husband got them for me. They are actually from the Number 1 Uniform and Mess Dress but I had a whole card of them. They go well with the material. I got this in Brighton two weeks ago. Hubby and I went down to Brighton while he was home on leave. Ditto fabrics is just such a god place for fabric shopping. This is a Paul Smith wool mix from the last collection. Couldn't say n to it. I also have it in grey.
Ready to face the snowy world out there. This is the temperature check! Will they keep me warm? I had to change the boots to wellies due to slushy weather conditions. I must say I kept warm and love the new addition to my trouser collection.
I am planing a small jacket made from what's left of the fabric.


A short break

Just a few words to let you know that there won't be much blogging until the end of next week. My husband is home on R&R so there is not too much sewing and making/creating going on. I'll be back with new pieces shortly.


Dita performing at Erotica in London

Just a quick non sewing related post today. I just bought some tickets to go and see Dita von Teese perform at Erotica next Friday. I am so exited, I have never seen her perform live but I met her once at a book signing in Birmingham a couple of years back. She really is that beautiful in life and one of my heroines of today. The other great thing is that my husband will be home for two weeks on leave so I get to give him a very special early Christmas present. He likes her too. Who doesn't by the way. Anyway, now here comes my challenge: I obviously need a new dress. Can't wear anything that the world has seen before. We will probably go for dinner etc so it need to be chic but also good to travel in as we will probably go into London by train. No ideas yet but I have some fabric in my stash I would like to use. Fingers crossed I come up with something. Any suggestions? 
When Bea met Dita

If you are interested in tickets, there is a 2 for 1 offer on at the moment.  


Midnight blue silk dress

I had an order to make a dress for a customer last/this week. She had this amazing midnight blue silk she wanted me to use and I was happy to transform it into a dress to wear to a party. The brief was a halter dress with a V neckline and a full circle skirt. And this is what I came up with. Unfortunately by the time I got to take pictures it was already dark and I had to take them with the flash on. The colour of the material is much nicer than it shoes in the pictures. I sent it off the same night because it was wanted for this Friday. I hope I get a picture of her wearing it.
Anyway onto the pictures:

 I know these 2 pictures are a bit dark but they show the colour. Looooove it so much and want a dress like this too now.


New pair of trousers

I made another pair of the Burda trousers. I just love the pattern so much and I am sure this is not the last version of it. I found the material in my local fabric shop. It's a nice gabardine and drapes beautifully. I loved the colour. It's a very deep charcoal. Had to have it and transform it into trousers straight away. I can't believe I have always been scared of making them. Maybe it's just this pattern but I hope it's not. There is a very nice pair in the November issue of Burdastyle which I would love to try.
Now my version of the Burda 8488

As you can I am very happy with them. I cut the legs slightly narrower than I did on the brown version. They were just a bit too wide legged for me. I still love them but I prefer them a bit less tent-y. These turned out a wee bit tight on the thighs now but I have expanded a bit recently due to many friends visiting, lots of comfort food and a few drinks with friends here and there. You know how it is when it gets cold outside. I am back on track now, running and eating healthyly so hopefully the trousers will be perfect very soon.


My lovely bride.........

Remember the wedding dress i made a while back? Well the lovely Katja has send me some pictures of her wearing it. The wedding isn't going to be until next year but it's sweet of her to supply me with some happy pictures before then. I loved working on that dress and the best part is that she is just so happy with the finished product.
 doesn't she make just the cutest bride ever?


Back with a new dress

I had some friends from Germany staying with me for a long weekend so I didn't get any sewing done to show on the blog. We had a great time together and I am missing them already.
Before my friends got here I finished another dress or better sack! I just didn't get a chance to blog it.
It's one of the vintage patterns I bought not so long ago and super easy to put together BUT it's completely shapeless. I mean you already get an idea from the envelope pictures but it's worse in real life. Just not flattering on my body shape at all.
See for yourself.

not too bad with the belt 
 without the belt
Big no no without it though. 
 I'll wear this around the house I think when I do my cooking and cleaning or sewing.