Dita performing at Erotica in London

Just a quick non sewing related post today. I just bought some tickets to go and see Dita von Teese perform at Erotica next Friday. I am so exited, I have never seen her perform live but I met her once at a book signing in Birmingham a couple of years back. She really is that beautiful in life and one of my heroines of today. The other great thing is that my husband will be home for two weeks on leave so I get to give him a very special early Christmas present. He likes her too. Who doesn't by the way. Anyway, now here comes my challenge: I obviously need a new dress. Can't wear anything that the world has seen before. We will probably go for dinner etc so it need to be chic but also good to travel in as we will probably go into London by train. No ideas yet but I have some fabric in my stash I would like to use. Fingers crossed I come up with something. Any suggestions? 
When Bea met Dita

If you are interested in tickets, there is a 2 for 1 offer on at the moment.  


  1. Ohhh, I always wanted to see her show but can't make it for that date :( Hope you have fun and do let us know how it was.

  2. Ohhhh, you terrifically lucky gal! How delightfully special that you got to meet Dita in person.

    Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday & festively fantastic December ahead!
    ♥ Jessica