I had two of my playsuits borrowed by Laura Naish (facebook), a make up artist from London. Her work is beautiful so how could I say no. Here are some of the pictures from the shoot. I hope you enjoy them.
Photography by Danmi Lee
I blogged about this playsuit here
and this one was blogged here
Thanks Laura, Danmi Lee and your beautiful model.


The journey ends in Vegas...........

This is a little late compared to the other holiday posts but better late than never, right?
Our final stop of our epic holiday was in Las Vegas. The best place to end a holiday like that. What a fun place. After all the walking, sightseeing and driving we did, it was nice to be in a place where you can just hang out and do nothing. So we did...well we tried.
We stayed at the Luxor...lobby
We did a bit of gambelling and checking out a few of the hotels and their casinos on the first night, slept in the next day, went to the pool for an hour but got tiered of chasing the very small shady bit and just lying around there.....I burn too easily and do not care about tanning at all (even if I did tan) so we decided we need to do what we do best. Look at stuff and learn.
We went to Lake Mead and the Hover Damm. Very impressing!!! And the best is all the Art Deco details everywhere. Loved it.
outside the Venetian
As a German, I had to go and see stuff from other fellow Germans. If Roy's accident hadn't happened and their show was still on, I would have so gone to see it.
The of course we did more walking and checking out casinos and hotels, went to see The Secret Garden of Siegfried and Roy with some of their beautiful cats and dolphins (didn't know they had any dolphins)
YUM, all Jelly Beans
New dress (and the last one I made for this journey)
This window display was amazing. I would be happ with only one of them...or maybe 10
we quoted the film The Hangover A LOT!! in Ceasars Palace
bumped into Elvis and Bowie hanging out on The Strip
and then had to go back home :-(
Once we got back we had the Coming-home-to same-old-blues for about a week. Then had some running, biking and sewing rehab and got bac to normal. We are already saving for our next trip.
We are thinking about going to some of the national pars on the west coast.  If you have any tips and suggestions, please share!!!!!!!!


Black lace and satin...work in progress

This is another dress I was working on last week. It was a request from my friend Charis. The brief was a simple fitted bodice, high boat neck, lace over satin (back lace only) and a plain satin skirt, slinky.
We went fabric shopping together, found some lovely black lace and a black crepe back satin. The dress is also fully lined
So I started with the pattern, very simple bodice with a bust dart and two front darts left and right, the back has 2 darts from the waist up on each side as well. (I am so not good describing these things but I hope it makes sense looking at the pictures.
I attached the lace to the satin for the front bodice the same way I did for the navy lace dress. I went for a side zip because I didn't want a zip ruining the lovely sheer lace back.
The skirt was a simple A-line that I kept very narrow towards the hem. I asked if she wanted me to leave a little slip for easy walking but she didn't. Definitely no running on the night lady!!
The finished dress has left me on Friday and I have been promised pictures. The due is this weekend so I hopefully there will be action shots soon.


weekend bliss 2 a walk in the country side

When we went for drinks with our friends last night we decided to meet for Sunday lunch with Matt and Helen, one of the couples the following day followed by a nice long country walk with them and they cute labrador Bella.
I thought it would be time for a new dress post but didn't really get a chance to make myself anything new last week. I had some orders leaving my house and will hopefully have some pictures to show soon but they kept me busy and I didn't make anything new to wear.
However I had made a dress from Simplicity 4731, I got at a vintage fair, a little while back but never blogged about it. I wasn't happy with it and didn't feel it was worth blogging about. Today I fancied wearing it for some reason and decided all it needed to be wearable is a little shortening. So I chopped 11 inches off the hem and bang I had a new dress to wear. perfect for the hot day as it covered my shoulders and neckline and protected me from burning in the sun.
Hair turned out great again. I held the sides back with a comb, the center and top was turned into a faux fringe slightly swept to the side (I don't suit the full one very much plus I always mess it up for some reason) The back is rolled into a big roll creating a short hair do.

Lunch at the Rose and Crown in Great Horksley was amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone local enough, the walk was just right after stuffing ourselves.

The best thing was the cherry tree just across the road full of sweet juicy goodness. It is now not so full of cherries anymore, therefore are we. YUM!!! I hope you all had a great weekend too.


Weekend bliss 1...cycling again

It was nice to have a weekend to ourselves again after last weekend's wedding party get-away. What else are we going to do with it than of course go out cycling.You can see ever since I got that amazing bike we are out at every chance we get.
The weather forecast for Saturday was good although it rained all night from Friday to Saturday and the sky didn't look promising at all when we left in the morning. We set off to cycle to Halstead which was about 18 miles through country roads, a nice distance.
As promised I did my bike proud by dressing the part. I didn't wear a new dress but one that would not look too bad in case I got rained on. You have seen this one before, apologies for repeating a dress but it's the first time I have worn it on Betty so I hope it still counts as a new cycling outfit.
This is outside the Townsford Mill center in Halsted behind us. It's an amazing two floors antique shop and a restaurant on the ground floor. I don't know if that's any good as we are picnic people on our bike rides but the antiques place is amazing. Very expensive but fun to browse though.
I loved how my hair turned out that day. I did a victory roll on each side and then one in the front. The back is just two braids.
And later on we finished off the day with a few drinks amongst friends.
Matt and Helen
Charis and Harry
and of course us.