San Francisco, the journey continues

From Boston we flew out to San Francisco to explore the West Coast. When we first drove from the airport to our hotel we weren't so sure if we will like it there. It's certainly different from any places we visited on the East Coast but as soon as we stepped out of the hotel and started exploring, we fell in love. San Francisco, I love you and I want to come back some day.
It was freezing cold again which was a theme all through the holiday. Apparently we came to visit at a time when it was unusually cold for the time of year....lucky us huh?
pretty sweet view from our hotel room
iconic San Francisco architecture
golden gate park
The "From bay to breakers" 12 k annual fun run was on that day. Unfortunately we didn't know about this otherwise we would have signed up to run it as well. It was quiet a spectacle, lots of people in costumes drunk at 10 am.
Japanese garden in the golden gate park
oh she took my breath away. The most amazing man made sight I have ever seen. It's just a bridge I know but she's is beautiful.
what a view while having lunch
of course we went to Alcatraz
cool creepy water tower, a lot of the buildings on the island look weathered and creepy...wouldn't want to be trapped on the island at night.
My favourite place in all of San Francisco was (no not the GG Bridge...close) Pier 39 at Fisherman's wharf where you can see a huge group of sea lions sun bathing, showing off and fighting every day. I had to go there twice while we were in San Francisco. If there are animals anywhere, just drop me off and collect me on the way home again....I'm happy.
iconic cable cars
Dave riding on the side of the cable car
and then we had to go :-((((((( and head on to Los Angeles. We decided to drive along the coast on highway 1. The views did not disappoint and I would recommend this drive to anyone visiting both places in one holiday.


  1. This is one of my favorite drives. You probably passed by the exit near Ventura to go to my house.

  2. Oh wow, you live near there? I want to be your new best friend and move in ;-D
    I am so jealous you get to go on that drive whenever you like.