weekend bliss 2 a walk in the country side

When we went for drinks with our friends last night we decided to meet for Sunday lunch with Matt and Helen, one of the couples the following day followed by a nice long country walk with them and they cute labrador Bella.
I thought it would be time for a new dress post but didn't really get a chance to make myself anything new last week. I had some orders leaving my house and will hopefully have some pictures to show soon but they kept me busy and I didn't make anything new to wear.
However I had made a dress from Simplicity 4731, I got at a vintage fair, a little while back but never blogged about it. I wasn't happy with it and didn't feel it was worth blogging about. Today I fancied wearing it for some reason and decided all it needed to be wearable is a little shortening. So I chopped 11 inches off the hem and bang I had a new dress to wear. perfect for the hot day as it covered my shoulders and neckline and protected me from burning in the sun.
Hair turned out great again. I held the sides back with a comb, the center and top was turned into a faux fringe slightly swept to the side (I don't suit the full one very much plus I always mess it up for some reason) The back is rolled into a big roll creating a short hair do.

Lunch at the Rose and Crown in Great Horksley was amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone local enough, the walk was just right after stuffing ourselves.

The best thing was the cherry tree just across the road full of sweet juicy goodness. It is now not so full of cherries anymore, therefore are we. YUM!!! I hope you all had a great weekend too.

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