Wedding weekend and a new dress

My friend Rene got married last weekend so Dave and I flew over to Germany to celebrate with him and his beautiful bride Sandra.
As blogged before here and here, I made a dress to wear for the occasion. I finished it as usual last minute. We were going to fly out on Saturday morning at stupid o' clock and I finished it Friday night. I was going to make a matching bolero but that of course never happened. On top of that a lot went wrong with the dress too. I was very busy with work so my own sewing had to take the back seat and when you try to rush things (as a few of you might have experienced themselves) it all goes down hill.
I was going to sew in a petticoat, which I made up and sewed in, only to then realise I put it in the wrong way around, I then tried to take short cuts to fix it but that went even worse so I decided to butcher the whole thing, take it out and wear the dress without one. In the end it didn't really matter and IMO it looked still pretty good. I got a lot of compliments for it which was nice.
I was also very please with my hair on that day. It's maybe a bit to 40s for the dress but I don't care.
I also found the perfect silver and blue shoes to go with the dress for only £0.99 on ebay. Thank you bargain angel for looking after me.
The happy couple
The other happy couple :-D
We have our 2nd wedding anniversary coming up next month, can't believe how quickly time is flying.
Oh, this reminds me.....what a perfect occasion for a new dress. Don't know what we will be doing on our anniversary yet but I am sure I'll need a new outfit for it.