Colchester graduate fashion show

Last Friday (you can see I am desperately trying to catch up with all the recent events) I went to the graduate fashion show of the Colchester Institute fashion department and boy did it not disappoint. All students were very strong and I thin k they even scooped up two awards at London Graduate Fashion Week. Well done. Unfortunately I haven't got many pictures to share. We were allowed to photograph but without flash. Boooooh, therefore they are all blurry. However I managed to take a few shots from my favourite collection by Lauren Baxter. She specialises on digital print and embellishment. Her designs were amazing, the pictures don't do it justice but you might get the idea.
Me and my colleague and friend Sam enjoying the show.
I have just found her blog online in case you want to know more. I'll definitely have a more in depth read later on.


New dress

I finished his dress last week but as I said, I didn't have anyone to take pictures of me wearing it. I
wore it to the fair on Saturday. The pattern I used was one of the ones Andrea from Invisible Flower and I am sure I will make this again.
That's the pattern I used:

I went for the pink rose print cotton I showed you in a previous post and made up view 2. I would have preferred view 1 because I love full skirts but I didn't have enough fabric.
And the finished product......

I found the handbag at the fair and had to have it. It's perfect with that dress and many others in my wardrobe.
I love shirt dresses as you all know so it's nice to have a slightly different pattern now.
And a close up of the top.
The wonderful Julie (who hates having her picture taken but I got her anyway) and me at Saturdays fair.


Cressing Temple Barns Vintage Fair

I thought I share some pictures of last weekend's vintage fair with you. I must say it was one of the best events I have ever had a stall at. Absolutely brilliant. It was so well organised. There was no trouble setting up or taking it all away again, the surroundings were stunning and the people were just lovely. It was set up to be a whole day out for the whole family. They had some WW2 re-enactment guys there, bands, a classic car show, dance performances etc. Then there were 3 massive barns filled with vintage stalls of all sorts plus stalls in the grounds around them and lots more. Julie from beach bygones has posted about this fair again and was equally impressed.
the re-enactment guys
some outdoor stalls
(below some of the cars from the classic car show)
This Rolls Royce was my favourite of all of them. It was absolutely enormous and just so beautiful.
Some pictures of our stall, lovely and colourful.
The lovely beach bygones store.
More stalls outside


Help, anyone knows this label?

I found two handbags while I was out thrifting the other day. The brown one is a Holmes of Norwich one and genuine vintage but I am not so sure about the other one. I tried to investigate by searching online but couldn't find any clues. Do you know the label?

This is the Holmes of Norwich one. I really like this one. It's in great condition and the colour of the leather is beautiful.
This is the other one. It's real leather and lined in suede just like the other one but the label looks slightly more modern. But then I am not that good at identifying vintage.
If you have any idea, please tell.


From a buch of scraps to a bunch of tops

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I wasn't just lazy and didn't get any sewing done, I just didn't have anyone to take any pictures of me wearing what I made.
Remember my post about a week or so ago, when a few of my dresses were borrowed to advertise a local vintage fair for charity? Well this fair is on Saturday (tomorrow) and I decided to make up a few more summer tops. I have made them before (see here and here) and they have always been quiet popular. Lets hope they will be as popular tomorrow. I had a lot of fabric scraps left over from my recent dresses and used them. I love seeing all the colours together.

I made two is blue gingham. They just tie in the back. Very cute on the beach, at a picnic or BBQ.
two in red with white spots and one in white with red sport left over from Helen's dress. They would be great to wear this Sunday at the England vs. Germany football match. I however will be wearing black red and gold to support Germany. I am sure they wont need it ;-)
And one in the green and ivory and one in yellow floral print.
This one is a slightly different style with a drawstring halter and zip closure.
back view, and one in the green again.

Thanks for looking.


A little online tool.......

Yesterday Ulrika from The Freelancer's Fashionblog blogged about this site that transforms your pictures and makes them look 100 years old. Her pictures looked really cute so I had to try it myself.
 It's only one button click, so even I can use it and since I have nothing really to blog about today, I decided to share some pictures from back in the day.........

I like what the tool it did to my wedding pictures
Now I want to see your pictures...