Help, anyone knows this label?

I found two handbags while I was out thrifting the other day. The brown one is a Holmes of Norwich one and genuine vintage but I am not so sure about the other one. I tried to investigate by searching online but couldn't find any clues. Do you know the label?

This is the Holmes of Norwich one. I really like this one. It's in great condition and the colour of the leather is beautiful.
This is the other one. It's real leather and lined in suede just like the other one but the label looks slightly more modern. But then I am not that good at identifying vintage.
If you have any idea, please tell.

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  1. Oh my god, that second label looks like the L in my label!! Sorry I don't know... good luck! It could be vintage and not have had a label at that time but just have the label of a second hand store that previously dealt with the item stuck on, they do that sometimes.