Cressing Temple Barns Vintage Fair

I thought I share some pictures of last weekend's vintage fair with you. I must say it was one of the best events I have ever had a stall at. Absolutely brilliant. It was so well organised. There was no trouble setting up or taking it all away again, the surroundings were stunning and the people were just lovely. It was set up to be a whole day out for the whole family. They had some WW2 re-enactment guys there, bands, a classic car show, dance performances etc. Then there were 3 massive barns filled with vintage stalls of all sorts plus stalls in the grounds around them and lots more. Julie from beach bygones has posted about this fair again and was equally impressed.
the re-enactment guys
some outdoor stalls
(below some of the cars from the classic car show)
This Rolls Royce was my favourite of all of them. It was absolutely enormous and just so beautiful.
Some pictures of our stall, lovely and colourful.
The lovely beach bygones store.
More stalls outside


  1. I've just discovered your blog via Lottie Loves... I live near Sudbury in Suffolk and I'm so upset that I missed this event, it looked fantastic! Having said that, from the photographs of your stall I can tell that I would have spent a small fortune on all the gorgeous things you had so maybe it's bank balance karma.... At least I'll be able to follow your blog and take note for the future.

  2. Hi Kate, I really hope that they are going to turn this into a regular event. Even if they are only going to organise it once a year, I'd always book a space for a stall again. I just really enjoyed it there. I'll keep updates on future events in the area.