New old patterns

This weekend was pretty lame as the weather was crap and we didn't do anything exciting. No cycling and therefore no new outfit shots. I have a couple of new dresses finished but no nice pictures yet so stay tuned.
I have been busy with customer orders last week and didn't really have anything exciting to blog about hence the lack of posting. I hope this will change again soon as I am working on a few cute new projects.
I bought a bunch of new vintage patterns that I am hoping to make up very soon. They are all shirt waist dresses which I am a bit addicted to as you know.
I am not too sure about the last one as it could turn out a bit too granny-ish, what do you think?
I hope you had a more exciting weekend and got some cute sewing done.


Wedding dress in action

Last weekend was finally THE DAY!!!! for Katja, who ordered a wedding dress from me last year. She got married at Lake Konstanz to her fiance Julian and looked absolutely gorgeous.
Doesn't she remind you Audrey Hepburn too?


Instant improvement...

I made this dress last weekend. It was an UFO I have had abandoned for a while. Since the hubby and I had planned another bike ride on Saturday  and I had worn the bombshell dress already the previous day, I went into panic mode and thought of the quickest way of making a new dress to go cycling in and take cute outfit shots of for you guys.
That quickest way was finishing off something and make space in my sewing room as extra bonus.
The dress is one I had started before our epic holiday but didn't finish in time so it got dumped on the UFO pile (there are a few)
The pattern I used is New Look 6557, which I bought a while back when New Look patterns were on sale here. I only buy current patterns in the sale.
It's such an easy pattern and comes together in no time...don't know why I never finished it. If you wake up in the morning and need a dress by the afternoon this is the one to make.
I made view B.
The colour is a similar shade of green as the bombshell dress.... I guess I have a thing for green at the moment...certainly this week huh? Must be a red head thing. I paired it with a purple belt and cardigan for a GOOD colour clash.
I didn't like the neckline of the dress very much as I felt a bit cut off with the big triangular bust pieces. My quick fix solution for that was cutting off a bit of the far too long halter strap made and tieing the strings around the top of the triangles. Et voila...two dresses in one. I prefer it like that (at least on me) what do you think?
And here comes the cycling shot:


Charis and Alice revisited

Remember the dresses I was working on over the last two weeks for Alice and Charis? The event was last weekend and they were so kind and shared some pictures with me to share with you.
Here they are both together looking gorgeous. Charis accessorised her dress with a red ribbon. A nice touch as it easily changes the look of her dress and ads a splash of colour.
Alice dress was a bright purple-ish blue satin with a very dark navy organza overlay. The colour effect it created was great. It really suits her.
I wish I had a picture of the back of Charis' dress as it was sheer lace and looked amazing.
Looks like they all had a great time. It was Alice's school leaver's ball. Congratulations Alice!!!


The bombshell dress

I finally got some sewing done again for myself last week. I was working on a few dresses for a customer and got inspired by all of them leading to a new dress for myself.
I had some fabric over from my 1940s shirt dress I blogged about recently. I made that one from a huge double sheet I found in a local charity shop and had lots of material left.
The green glazed cotton was given to me by a friend ages ago. I have a few different colours. This colour matches the flowers in the sheet pattern like a dream.
I used an old STYLE pattern (according to the envelope it's from 1997), a pattern company I am not very familiar with so I guess they weren't around for a long time. It's a bridal pattern which I am not too keen on but the bridesmaids version is quite cute so I used it for the basic shape of the dress.
I chose view D with straight instead of puffed sleeves
I cut the bodice from the sheet left overs and the skirt from the green cotton
I then decided to draft a collar to pick up the solid colour again and think it turned out rather cute.
Of course I went cycling in it to get some cute action shots for you guys. I wore it to go fabric shopping...of course ;-D