Instant improvement...

I made this dress last weekend. It was an UFO I have had abandoned for a while. Since the hubby and I had planned another bike ride on Saturday  and I had worn the bombshell dress already the previous day, I went into panic mode and thought of the quickest way of making a new dress to go cycling in and take cute outfit shots of for you guys.
That quickest way was finishing off something and make space in my sewing room as extra bonus.
The dress is one I had started before our epic holiday but didn't finish in time so it got dumped on the UFO pile (there are a few)
The pattern I used is New Look 6557, which I bought a while back when New Look patterns were on sale here. I only buy current patterns in the sale.
It's such an easy pattern and comes together in no time...don't know why I never finished it. If you wake up in the morning and need a dress by the afternoon this is the one to make.
I made view B.
The colour is a similar shade of green as the bombshell dress.... I guess I have a thing for green at the moment...certainly this week huh? Must be a red head thing. I paired it with a purple belt and cardigan for a GOOD colour clash.
I didn't like the neckline of the dress very much as I felt a bit cut off with the big triangular bust pieces. My quick fix solution for that was cutting off a bit of the far too long halter strap made and tieing the strings around the top of the triangles. Et voila...two dresses in one. I prefer it like that (at least on me) what do you think?
And here comes the cycling shot:

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