The bombshell dress

I finally got some sewing done again for myself last week. I was working on a few dresses for a customer and got inspired by all of them leading to a new dress for myself.
I had some fabric over from my 1940s shirt dress I blogged about recently. I made that one from a huge double sheet I found in a local charity shop and had lots of material left.
The green glazed cotton was given to me by a friend ages ago. I have a few different colours. This colour matches the flowers in the sheet pattern like a dream.
I used an old STYLE pattern (according to the envelope it's from 1997), a pattern company I am not very familiar with so I guess they weren't around for a long time. It's a bridal pattern which I am not too keen on but the bridesmaids version is quite cute so I used it for the basic shape of the dress.
I chose view D with straight instead of puffed sleeves
I cut the bodice from the sheet left overs and the skirt from the green cotton
I then decided to draft a collar to pick up the solid colour again and think it turned out rather cute.
Of course I went cycling in it to get some cute action shots for you guys. I wore it to go fabric shopping...of course ;-D


  1. love the dress. you've got to stop sewing these cute dresses, I want to order something from you every two weeks!
    what's funny is that the bridal version of the pattern looks very much like the dress the new princesse de monaco wore on her wedding on Saturday (yes, I admit it, I watched it and I kinda liked the dress ;)) So you don't have to be Armani to design royal clothes :)

  2. Thanks girls. XX
    @Katja, need to check out that wedding. I don't follow royal weddings unless of course it's the British royal family but I should. It's just such good "real life" soap opera stuff and great fashion.

  3. I love the collar and the use of two different fabrics. Beautiful work :)

  4. CUTE! I love the floral fabric. Adorable design too, as always :)

  5. Gorgeous! i absolutely love the fabric, the style and how it looks on you. the collar is the icing on the cake! bravo :)

  6. What a beautiful dress and I have to say adding a collar was genius as it totally changed the dress. It is gorgeous.