Self stitched September

Tomorrow is the first day of self stitched September and I am very excited to start my first clothing challenge of that kind. I hope I have enough items of clothing to wear at least one item per day that I have made myself or thrifted. I am extending my options by adding thrifted pieces.
I have already chosen the outfit for tomorrow,  it's a dress I haven't posted on the blog yet. I have made it about a month or so ago but never got around to showing it here. I have been quiet busy enjoying myself lately, spending lots of time travelling with my husband. We only went on little day trips or 2 days with an over night stay somewhere but we made the most of our time together. As I mentioned several posts back, he is due to deploy to Afghanistan soon (this is now VERY SOON) and therefore sewing has not taken up the biggest part of my spare time.
Anyway, I will show you some pictures from our little trip to Kent (including many castles visited using out English Heritage membership) and of course outfit posts documenting the Self Stitched September challenge.
This little dress will kick of the challenge tomorrow. Excuse the wrinkles, I had worn the dress all day before I decided to take pictures of it. If I get a chance to take a picture tomorrow you will hopefully get the ironed version.


50th follower giveaway

I had a little think for the past few days to come up with a give away prize to celebrate my 50th follower and could not come up with anything. Then (last night) as I was cutting out one of the next dresses to make, I was looking through my sewing room and had an idea. I collect all sorts of sewing books for reference and for inspiration and I thought to give one away. I want to inspire you readers to be creative and sew yourselves. Most of you probably do but other might still need a little push in the right direction.
This sewing book is interesting for beginners as it goes through all basic techniques but also for experienced sewers because the projects in the book are fun to make.
To enter the giveaway leave a comment below this post.Followers of this blog will get two entries. If you write about it on you blog, facebook etc. and leave me a link to the post, you will have an extra entry for each post. You can enter the giveaway until Sunday the 5th of September 12pm GMT.
Good luck to everyone.
PS. I will send to any country. You don't have to be a follower of this blog.


50th follower give away

Hooray!!! I've got 50 beautiful followers on this blog now. It's worth celebrating. I am planing a give away to share my joy with you. I have mentioned this give away before but still haven't got a clue what to give away. I need to have another think about the prize. Any suggestions?
Anyway, thanks to all you beautiful readers, I hope you enjoy the things I write about. Let me know if there is anything you want me to blog about or if you have any questions. I hope there will be many more readers in the future. Lots of love!!!


Funky pillows

Hi everyone, I am finally back home, been back at work for a week already and have now made it back to blogger land.
Last week I didn't get much sewing done. I only spend a few hours every night on making some cute cushions for the living room...if that's where they will end up.
On my trip to Germany I managed to get some fabric shopping done but I must say it wasn't overwhelming. The places we went to had a few cute prints but nothing I couldn't buy in the UK.
Anyway, Dave and I found some cute printed hessian in one shop and thought it might make some cute cushions. I bought some reindeer, pigs and cow print and made them up this week. I embellished them with some sequins and little bells I had in my beads collection. I hope you like them.
It's good to be back.



Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of posts recently but I have been away to Germany and will be off to Germany again tomorrow. I haven't been able to post about any sewing projects because I haven't been able to get any decent pictures. I wasn't too well after the last trip and unfortunately missed out on a great exhibition with Tilly and a few other lovely bloggers. I will be back on full posting and blogging schedule after the trip. Big promise. See you in about a week and a half.
Lots of love