Holyday recap Boston

I know I got a little confusing because I mixed up the last two locations of our journey but after Vermont (which we visited AFTER NYC) we went to Boston next.
I had never been to Boston before but always knew I would like it. It's the Irish vibe I guess. We spend 3 days here and then flew over to the west coast.

You can see me wearing this jumper/sweater a lot on this trip. I totally underestimated the weather and DID NOT take a jacket with me. Silly, I know. I don't have a nice one for in between seasons. Always wanted to sew myself one but that never happened. I thought I would buy one on this holiday instead. That also didn't happen so I had to wear Dave's skiing jumper a lot. It kept me warm and cosy.
Harvard and another shirt waist dress. Yes, the same one as all the other ones seen before. I think I almost posted all the ones I have now. Hope you are not bored yet.
In those 3 days we continued to learn about the Pilgrims and founding fathers of the USA, drank lots of beer and cider, walked all over the place, went on trolley tours, visited military/navy museums and I had my first Lobster dinner ever. Boston rocks!!!
Have you got a dress pattern you have made something from more than once or twice? Or even as many times as I have made this shirt waist dress now??

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  1. What beautiful photos of your trip, I've enjoyed every one of them and also the previous post, very funny photo of you in NY with the giant needle and button! Oh! I need a vacation like that .....