Driving through the dessert...

It's time for another holiday report I think. This time I am taking you on a drive through the Nevada dessert. This was such a highlght, if not the best thing ever of the whole holiday. Since we had enough of LA and wanted to get out of there ASAP, we decided to get our hire car earlier if possble and spend more time driving through the dessert towards Las Vegas. We wanted to stop and check out Joshua Tree National Park a bit.
Fortunately they let us exchange cars early and off we went. Let me tell you Europeans who have not seen anything like it.........GO THERE!!!!! I thought the dessert would be boring. All sand and stuff...I have never given desserts much thought to be honest and thought they must all be a bit same-y but OH NO was I WRONG!!! Driving to Vegas alone we saw so many dfferent faces of what a dessert can be like, it was amazing.
Anyways onto the pictures.
If you squint a bit and look very carefully you can spot me at the bottom of the rock...
...and Dave somewhere climbing it
Yep, Joshua Tree National Park, you and your rocks, rock!!!
Drove past a massive dried out salt lake which took my breath away.
pretty sweet photo location
Dave was very well seasoned after this.
Dave is a musician when he's not being a hero. I think this should be his album cover shot.
I want to go back so bad!!!

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