I like to ride my bicycle........outfit post

Last weekend we went out bike riding again. This is our Summer activity number one now and means a lot more are about to come.
On this bike ride I wore....surprise surprise...another shirt waist dress. I blogged this one before but only on the mannequin. I promise this will be the last of the same for a while. I have a few other shirt waist dress patterns lined up but this pattern will be retired for a while.
I have a basket now, yey!! I am also planning on getting a shelf and another basket for the back so I can do my food shopping old school on my bike.
little coffee break
My not very vintage husband
goats milk ice cream...I was skeptical and afraid it might taste a little goat-y
But, nope it was gorgeous.
I am interested to know if your husbands, boyfriends, partners share the love of vintage/vintage style with you or are you more like us? One trying really hard to look like someone from ye olde days and one just not interested in fashion at all?


  1. You look so beautiful! I love the color red on redheads. You must have gotten a lot of stares on that cool vintage bike in that showstopping dress!

  2. I understand you! My husband does not share the idea of clothing as historical grandfather! However I'm glad he feels no shame for me to dress like my grandmother. You are wonderfully beautiful with your red dress and your bike. Genial!

  3. Do you like the basket on the front of the bike? Because I have heard that if you carry stuff in it, it can make it harder to steer with that weight in the front.

  4. Thanks ladies.
    @sew country chick, I get at least one sweet comment from a stranger per bike trip on my awesome bike. It is the best pressie my husband ever got for me. He's the best.
    @Rosy, yeah Dave loves me to be as granny and as vintage-y as I like. He ever encourages it. He the fact that I don't do slutty short dresses, straightened hair and orange tan.
    @K2 I don't mind the basket in the front, it doesn't seem to influence my steering and cycling but I haven't put very heavy stuff in so far. I do want one for the back too so when I use my bike to go shopping I can throw the heavy stuff in the back and the lighter bits in the front.

  5. I adore this dress! You look fantastic in shirt waist dresses - I would make a ton as well if I had a pattern! (PS Can you recommend any patterns for a first shirt waist attempt??) I am a big fan of your bike and new bike basket - what a fabulous way to explore the outdoors!

  6. @Meg, this is one I have made no end of times.It calls for stretchy materials but I have made it in simple cottons and they all turned out lovely. http://voguepatterns.mccall.com/v8613-products-10672.php?page_id=857
    I also used this one a lot. Always the pencil skirt version so far but it's so easy to whip up. It's a simplicity how to sew pattern 5022
    I have also seen a cute pattern from New look in their current collection that looks like a costume out of grease and I am sure all the other pattern companies will have a shirt waist pattern. They look more complicated than they are. I have seen your sewing projects on your blog, just dive right in you should have no problem at all. Looking forward to seeing your first one.