Another playsuit

I enjoyed making yesterday's playsuit so much I decided to make another one today. This one is and all in one piece. I used a strapless bodice pattern for it, added the contrasting details and drafted a connecting waistband. The shorts are the same pattern as yesterday. I connected both pieces with the waistband to make it an all in one playsuit.
It's quite warm outside today considering it's been arctic here about a week ago. Maybe making summer clothes is working? I wish this was true, then this little number could be worn out soon. I doubt it though.


  1. Ohhh, you made a second one! It's gorgeous! I too also wish warm weather was closer :)

  2. I saw this on Sew Retro - I want this :)!

  3. I think I love this one just a *little* bit more than yesterdays... the fabric looks a lot like some have and adore.

    Oddly enough I pulled a play-suit out of my stash earlier this week to make up too. I was planning on leaving summer sewing for a while but there just must be something in the air to encourage us right now...

  4. that's soooo cute!! did you self draft it or use a pattern? i *need* to make one before summer :)

  5. I drafted the bottom myself and used bits and pieces from other patterns that I have. It's basically a strapless bodice attached to pants and a few details. Just look through your dress patterns and find a bodice that you like, pair it with some basic shorts and taadaaa! I attached both pieces using a waist band, that was quickly drafted, otherwise it would have been slightly too short in the bodice.
    Looking forward to seeing your playsuit version.