Colette patterns Spring Palette Challenge and technically a dress that would fit in with that.


I have just read about the Collette Patterns Spring Palette and decided to join. I need more Spring wardrobe pieces and motivation to make and create. This is usually easier if you have the support of a group, so here we go. Need to go through my inspiration folder now and decide what I am going to make, colours and all the rest of it. I hope there will be more of you joining the challenge. Let me know if you do and leave me a comment to I can follow your progress as well.

I also finished quite a bit of sewing this week again. The first dress I'm showing today would already slot in nicely with the Spring Palette challenge. It's a lime green, floral print shift dress. I am thinking about adding at least some shade of green to my palette. Probably a fresh and Spring-y apple green or maybe lime? We'll see.
I added some pink lace trim to the pockets to make them stand out a little more and also a lace trim bow to the collar so tie in with the pocket detail. It's very bright and a bit "loud" I think but I think it will work paired with a pink cardigan.


  1. Gorgeous! I love the pink and green! And maybe it's my Southern heritage, but it in no way reads as too loud to me. I love the collar on the dress, too -- it looks fun to wear.

  2. Love the pink details!

    Not sure if you like big florals but if you go to Fabricland ( http://www.fabricland.co.uk/ ) and then go to the "45in 100%cottons/polycottons" page, THEN go to page 5...they have some gorgeous florals....one called "lady rose-apple blossom" is a nice green base (I've just received mine and it's a stronger colour than seen online but it's still good!) Not sure if this fits in with a "spring palette" because of the russety flowers, but it is still nice! LOL!

    I must admit I do have a selection of those florals...need to make things now before I buy any more!

  3. This fabric is so pretty! And i love the pink lace detail, very nice touch.

    I don't think the dress is too loud at all, just looks unique - and isn't that what sewing our own clothes is all about!

    Lovely dress.


  4. Thanks for your lovely comments. I don't mind being loud when it comes to dressing vintage/vintage inspired. You look different to most people anyways so you might as well go for it. I haven't picked my Spring palette yet but will do over the weekend if I find the time to sort through my inspiration folder.
    @Sandy, I have had a look on their website and loooooove the fabric you've got. I have been on fabricland so many times but never ordered anything so far. I know you have to ring them up to order. How was your experience with them? Quality of the fabric, are they very helpful when you order and how are the shipping costs? I have had a read through their T&Cs but it seems like they charge a lot for shipping.
    Have a great weekend all.

  5. @Bea W: I think their shipping costs listed are off...I've just ordered 5m of the apple with 2m of medium/light weight interfacing and the postage was around £2.40. When I've ordered 3 lots of 5m with zips, threads etc I think postage was around £4.50-£5. They do a next day type post for around £8 but I've never used that as they're quite quick. I ordered my fabric on Wednesday afternoon and it arrived Friday morning. (Normal Royal Mail post)

    I've always found them really helpful and the quality seems good (I only really buy cottons) I have noticed they put viscose prints on the cottons pages sometimes but that's usually my fault for not reading the description properly! They take your phone number too so if they ever have a problem or query about your order they will call you.

    So thumbs up from me for Fabricland!
    (I do actually have a Fabricland shop in my city but I always seems to shop online! LOL!)

  6. Thanks Sandy, this is really helpful and I think I'll order from them next time. I mainly sew with cottons and their range is just to die for and so reasonable. I am looking forward to seeing your apple cotton project come together. Any plans for it yet?

  7. Glad to be of help!

    I'm planning on making the Colette Crepe dress with the appple cotton, I've already made my white sheet version (which made me look a bit like a scary religious nut! LOL) so now it's onto being brave with the real stuff.

    Unfortunately I don't have a blog (only FB and LJ) so probably no views of it.