Red and navy....another shirt dress

Oooops I did it again and this will probably not be the last one from this pattern. I just loooooooove shirt waist dresses. They are my favourite thin, I can't say it enough. Hopefully you are not getting bored of seeing them here. This time I went for a sleeveless version and finished the armholes of with bias binding. This might become another obsession for me. I love how easy it is to finish raw edges with it and how much detail it adds to a garment. I also added it to the belt to pick up the colour again.
I think I will add those two colours, navy and red, to my Spring challenge. I was going to go for a pastel palette but I think that would not really be me. I like strong colours. As much as I love ice cream colours, they don't really suit me I think and I haven't got an awful lot in my wardrobe that will go with those colours either. However, I DO have a lot that will go with the red and navy and I love all things nautical. I think I'll go for nautical in the challenge. But more about that later, onto the pictures of the dress.


  1. Crikey, you are one prolific sewer!! I can' keep up! I love the bow detail on the sleeve bindings in particular.

  2. Hi Bea, just found your blog through sew retro. i am an obsessive shirt dress lover too! this is gorgeous, love it.

  3. Ooo, I love the bows on the shoulders! Super cute!