Finally sewing again! Proof...two new dresses.

Hi everyone. I have been a bit quiet lately due to a total lack of motivation. I just couldn't get myself to sew anything. But that phase is fortunately over and I have been busy again.
Yesterday I mad this lovely little shirt waist dress. I just looooove shirt waist dresses and could wear them all the time. There will be a lot more coming soon. I just ordered a lot of fabric with that style in mind. I am just not getting tired of them.
 The second dress is a spaghetti strap halter neck with a full skirt. I am not overly keen on the fabric but I had it in my stash and thought it would work alright for this style. I used to be really into skulls etc but not too much anymore. Anyways, I hope you like them both.


  1. They're both gorgeous and I love the fabric on the first one! I love Alexander Henry fabrics but was always undecided on the skulls one.
    Glad to be reading your lovely blog and see your great creations again...missed your posts!

  2. Thank you so much Suzy, have been following your trouser sew along too and I am exited to see the finished pair.
    I'll be back with more creations from now on. Promise!

  3. Beautiful - I love the little sleeves on the first dress, so pretty!

  4. I have a dress I did with almost the same skull fabric- halter neck (wider straps though) and a full almost circle skirt. Its one of my favorite dresses I've made, but I love skulls and so does my bf.