Spring palette challenge inspiration

I have started to look through my inspiration folder for items to sew for the Collette Patterns Spring Palette challenge and so far have come up with the following pieces. I have quite a long list and I am sure I won't be able to sew it all within the challenge but I want to have enough to choose from in case I get stuck with an item, can't find the right fabric or realize it wasn't such a good idea and loose interest.
1. Tops. I love frilly tops. I am not sure if the tops would be something I scout for in e.g. charity shops and then refashion them or if I would actually make them and add the detail. I am scared of sewing jersey, knits or any other stretchy material but maybe this is the time to overcome that, cut and ruin a lot of material and figure it all out in the end?

Photos both modcloth

Something lace. I love the little lace dresses below. I might not go for white or ivory (I've had a wedding dress and those are just not good colours for me but maybe mint green or a pale pink or blue and I'd make a little lacy number.
don't know where I got this picture from, if it's yours or you know, please let me know so I can credit it.
 dear golden vintage
dear golden vintage
If not lace, then broidery anglaise instead. This might actually be what I am going for because I am more likely to find a colour I like in the broidery anglaise. Still light and delicate as lace but more sturdy for every day wear.
I think this is modcloth as well

Trousers, I need some proper nautical trousers in (of course) navy with lots of buttons. I am not going to make another Burda 8488. I'll go and find a different pattern, with slimmer legs. Still wide legged, just not wide legged for two.
And a pair of shorts. Maybe in red.
 I am not sure, where the pictures are from, I think it's mod cloth again...I went a bit inspiration crazy there for a while...

All together, I am planing to make 6 pieces if I can in that time frame. 2 tops/blouses/shirts, a skirt, a pair of shorts and a dress.
I am going for the following colours: blue/probably more navy actually, pale blue, red, maybe pink, black and ivory I am trying to give it all a nautical theme as well. Lets see how it goes. Are you taking part in this challenge? What are your colours and projects planned?


  1. Cool! I love the first Golden Vintage dress (pink ribbon). I'm designing my wedding dress, and that's exactly the look I'm going for.
    Are you a summer (i.e. your colours)? I'd totally pick the same. :)

  2. How lovely - I am dreaming of lace and broderie anglais too. I can't wait to see what you finally choose for the challenge.

  3. I absolutely love your inspirations for this challenge. I'm not taking part as I already have a gigantic to sew list that will last till Spring.