New pair of trousers

I made another pair of the Burda trousers. I just love the pattern so much and I am sure this is not the last version of it. I found the material in my local fabric shop. It's a nice gabardine and drapes beautifully. I loved the colour. It's a very deep charcoal. Had to have it and transform it into trousers straight away. I can't believe I have always been scared of making them. Maybe it's just this pattern but I hope it's not. There is a very nice pair in the November issue of Burdastyle which I would love to try.
Now my version of the Burda 8488

As you can I am very happy with them. I cut the legs slightly narrower than I did on the brown version. They were just a bit too wide legged for me. I still love them but I prefer them a bit less tent-y. These turned out a wee bit tight on the thighs now but I have expanded a bit recently due to many friends visiting, lots of comfort food and a few drinks with friends here and there. You know how it is when it gets cold outside. I am back on track now, running and eating healthyly so hopefully the trousers will be perfect very soon.


  1. They look great on you. I've always been too scared to make trousers as well, but yours look so lovely I feel inspired to have a go. Don't run too far - the fit looks perfect to me! (Love the waistcoat too).

  2. The trousers are gorgeous and suit you so well. I haven't given up doing mine. Went to the sewing dropin and it seems the problem is that one of the legs is off grain, just as you suggested. Apparently because I've cut the wool in my floor (which is carpet) the lower layer shifted slightly. That will teach me to pay even more attention cutting. ;)

  3. Thanks you two!
    Maybe the top layer of your folded fabric was on grain but the one below was slightly off. It's probably best to cute all pieces separately to avoid this (which I am far too lazy to do). I am looking forward to seeing your finished trousers. Good luck.

  4. I think they look great. Very nice job!

  5. Hello I was hoping you could help, I saw on crafter you made a pair of these in denim. I am just making a pair and I wondered if you made the facing from denim or from a cotton or something...the first seems more structured, the second more comfortable?? Oh and I really like the red buttons btw.

  6. Hi and thank you very much for your comment. I made a pair of jeans from this pattern a few years ago here http://horrormaedchen.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/new-pair-of-jeans-and-me-made-march-day.html?m=1
    Which I believe is the version you have seen on Craftster. I also made one more recently here

    For all versions I have used the same fabric for the facings as for the main pair of trousers but I don't see why you can't use a different material if that is more comfortable for you to wear. Go for the more comfy material as you are probably more likely to wear the trousers if they feel good. And that's really all you want from your garment, isn't it. Good luck and enjoy your jeans. Send me a link if you blog about them.
    Xx hope this was helpful. Happy sewingxx