Addicted to trousers

 I guess it's winter?!?
I think I have a problem, I am addicted to making trousers. Must be the time of year and all that snow currently falling out of the sky everywhere.....
Well I have made another pair of trousers but this one is not the Burda pattern. That would just be boring after a while. I decided to make a shorter pair that won't be hanging in the slush that will follow the snow fall shortly. The other two pairs I made before are very long so I can wear them with heels, this one even works with wellies. Tried it today.

Although I did make a different pattern, I still kept the button up front detail because I love that look. It kind of instantly says vintage or retro to me. The button up front on this one however is different to the Burda one, which is only and interfaced panel attached to the front of the trousers. This one is more like the Kasia skirt on Burdastyle and features pockets. Very awesome detail in the cold part of the year because you can warm your hands and hide the millions of tissues used. Hahaha.

When I first made up the trousers, they were absolutely massive on me, not even close to my size. I don't know what happened there but some major alterations were in order.

slightly clown-ish looking at this stage. This is still without the waist facing/waist band

But I got there in the end. Had to take them in all the way down on the side seams which worked very well. I also had to add a dart to each side of the front section behind the panel/
I love the buttons. My husband got them for me. They are actually from the Number 1 Uniform and Mess Dress but I had a whole card of them. They go well with the material. I got this in Brighton two weeks ago. Hubby and I went down to Brighton while he was home on leave. Ditto fabrics is just such a god place for fabric shopping. This is a Paul Smith wool mix from the last collection. Couldn't say n to it. I also have it in grey.
Ready to face the snowy world out there. This is the temperature check! Will they keep me warm? I had to change the boots to wellies due to slushy weather conditions. I must say I kept warm and love the new addition to my trouser collection.
I am planing a small jacket made from what's left of the fabric.


  1. I like your trousers!! right now I'm sewing a pair of trousers but I guess they are kind of difficult to do it.

  2. Ohh I love them!! I think once I "crack" making trousers I will become addicted too. I love dresses and skirts but I'm a trouser girl at heart!! The buttons are gorgeous!

  3. I looove dresses and skirts but when it gets really cold or I just want to not be very comfy, I prefer trousers. I hate low rise ones though and all the bum crack sights that come with them. Why did fashion ever get there.
    Don't give up n trousers yet!!!

  4. What a cool idea, great job grafting the two styles. And I love your hat, too!

  5. Thanks Motorharp, I didn't make the hat but if I had a pattern I would make a few of them. Hats usually don't fit my big head, so this one was a lucky find.