A short break

Just a few words to let you know that there won't be much blogging until the end of next week. My husband is home on R&R so there is not too much sewing and making/creating going on. I'll be back with new pieces shortly.


  1. Me again hoping you had a great time and letting you now I nominated you for a blog award :) And let us know what you wore for Dita's show.

  2. Oh thank you Suzy, I am having a great time with hubby and had a great time in London. Unfortunately I missed Dita's show. We were about 2 hrs late. My fault for not checking. It was at the Erotica fair and I didn't fancy spending all day there so we went in late for the show...too late. I still made a new dress i will share in the coming days. Good thing is that the tickets were cheap otherwise I would have been very p***ed off about it.