My lovely bride.........

Remember the wedding dress i made a while back? Well the lovely Katja has send me some pictures of her wearing it. The wedding isn't going to be until next year but it's sweet of her to supply me with some happy pictures before then. I loved working on that dress and the best part is that she is just so happy with the finished product.
 doesn't she make just the cutest bride ever?


  1. Aw she looks so pretty! Very Jean Seberg. Gorgeous dress.

  2. This is such a cute dress and the bride-to-be looks lovely in it!

  3. What a joy to make a wedding dress for a happy bride!

  4. I'm still in the office and was looking for some distraction (everybody's gone and I'm lonely and bored by my own work ;)) and now I see myself online - help!
    Thanks for the lovely comments, I'm flattered and embarrassed (in a good way) at the same time. And thank you very, very much again, Bea, for making this beautiful dress. Everytime I think of it I immediately have to smile.

    P.S.: Shipped the pattern today.