1960s brocade dress and lots of new fabric

Today I decided to make a bit of evening wear as I had this amazing green Chinese brocade in my fabric stash for quite some time now ans always wanted to sew it up into something cute. I went for a 1960s style wiggle dress to let the fabric stand out. It's so pretty it doesn't need a lot of detail. I think the wide collar is plenty to give it a more festive look. I am thinking now, I should have made this before Christmas, it would have been a great Christmas party dress. But hey, there will always be some occasion for a dress like that.
Before I cut into the fabric I had to take a picture on the material because even the back side of it is stunning.

This is the result of today's work
I also received another fabric order today. This should keep me busy in the next few days.

lots of floral prints and some fruity cherries and strawberries 
and some plain colours too. 


  1. the dress is just amazing. Absolutely beautiful. Enjoy every second you have it on.

  2. That dress is totally gorgeous. I have a bad case of green dress envy.

  3. What a GORGEOUS dress! I love the 60s collar. Your fabric haul looks great too. I love the cherries and the red and pink roses on blue especially.

  4. I like the 2nd floral one from the right- I have some of the same :)

  5. Wow, it turned out gorgeous! It's making me think what should I do with the brocade fabrics I have :)

  6. Gorgeous dress. The brocade is beautiful.

  7. Oh just beautiful! Love that shade of green.

    May I ask where you ordered your fabric from (if online)? Those florals are so cute! I doubt I'd be able to get them here in Aus but its worth a shot!

  8. Fabulous dress! And you're right, a girl can always find an occassion to wear something pretty...
    And love the new fabric - I actually bought the one third from the right myself today! Its so gorgeous.

  9. That dress is absolutely amazing!! I love it!

  10. Thanks everyone for your kind words. I sooooo appreciate it.
    @ Esz, I order a lot of my fabric online but this was actually from a local shop, sorry. I saw it and had to have it. It's that particular shade of green....the picture doesn't even do it justice. However I'll be shooting some of my pieces on Monday if all goes well, so you'll get an even better idea then.

  11. The dress is awesome! It looks quite luxurious with this wonderful fabric. Sure you will enjoy wearing much

  12. @ Esz:
    Fabricland used to have the Chinese brocade (not sure if they still do)...I had a black version and botched a skirt...nothing as gorgeous as that dress!

    I've seen a fair few of the other fabrics at either Fabricland (they are online...but they don't do an online basket, you have to phone them with your order) or efabrics (efabrics.co.uk) not sure if any ship outside the UK but they may do!

    @Bea W: I'm SO envious of your dressmaking skills! My main problem most of the time is fitting....but I'm getting there!! LOL! Fab choice of fabrics....I think I have a couple of those and the others are on my "want" list.

    Can't wait to see what you make with them!!

  13. Thanks Sandy. I order a lot from efabrics. They are very good and very quick. I have never been disappointed with them. Even if there is a problem (they once send me the wrong material) they sort it out in no time.
    I love the fabrics at fabricland too but I have never ordered from them.

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