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Morning everyone and a very happy new year. Mine started at a fantastic party at the Harboro Pub/Hotel in Melton Mowbray. I have to advertise this place because it's cosy and cute and I love going there every time we go back to my husbands home.
I celebrated with Dave, his dad and sister dancing and singing along to an ABBA tribute band. They were amazing. They also covered some Motown stuff to warm up. I didn't hear much of that because we were to busy drinking and catching up on everyone but I am sure it was as good as the rest of it.
The new year also started with the sale of one of my dresses. Hope it keeps going like that. I added a few more pieces to the shop. I will add some bags and headpieces from Julie soon. I already have all the information. She only forgot to give me prices, duh! Didn't think about it either.
Anyway happy 2010.

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