The feeding of the lambs

My husband is on leave this weeks. Lucky him, he just had a two week skydiving trip partially sponsored from work and now he's off again. Anyway so I took a day off as well so we can have some time together. We went to Layer Marney Tower today which is only just around the corner. We went to look at the old buildings and to explore the grounds bust most of all because they were advertising that you can go and bottle feed the lambs. So off we went. I totally forgot though that it is still Easter break over here and all the kids are at home/out with their parents. So, being the nice girl that I am, I let them have fun feeding the little fluffy lambs and stood back.

We had a great day out, went to a small nearby town and I found my new happy place. A well sorted fabric, haberdashery and general stuff shop. Of course I had to buy fabric....
I also received the last two vintage patterns I ordered on Etsy. Good that I got fabric then, huh?
I also finished my floral print dress. I just need to get some buttons to go with it. I want to wear this one on Saturday. Dave is planning a day out for us as a birthday trip.
And because they were soooooo cute and I am a bit disappointed I didn't get to bottle feed them one last picture of the little lambs.

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