Weekend catch up

Sorry for the lack of posts but my husband returned from his sky diving trip on Friday and had so many stories to tell and pictures to share and there was no time for blogging. But there's a few bits and bobs to share after the weekend. We went for one of our Sunday walks today and stopped by in Felixstowe. There was some kind of market on and we had a look around. Most of the stall holders were traders for some crap or another, nothing worth our while but one little stall had some old furniture for sale. The only stall that caught our eye. We fund a cute shelf for our dining room to display all my grandma's old china.

I also finished another dress on Friday. This was before my husband was back. Didn't get any more sewing done over the weekend. The pattern is a New Look 6675 view C. My local sewing shop had a pattern sale on New Look patterns a while ago and I stocked up on my favourite patterns. I can highly recommend this pattern. It was very easy to sew and I love the outcome so much, I'll make a few more of this one. Although Spring has finally arrived here in the UK, a halter dress is still a bit too naked for this time of year. But I found the answer to that problem in Tesco the other day, believe it or not. They had cardigans on offer 2 for £12. I couldn't resist and this little coral/pink one goes perfectly with the dress. My birthday is coming up and I'll be wearing this outfit for my birthday dinner. Can't wait.
But this isn't all for this weekend. I also received some new vintage patterns from Etsy. I haven't even made a version of all the patterns I bought in my last pattern shopping frenzy but I couldn't say no to them. There should be a few more in the post still but these are the ones that came through on Saturday.

Has anyone made any of them yet? Please let me know you verdict before I get my hands on them.
And this is my current project. Vogue 8613 in a lovely bottle green floral print cotton. I loved seeing Betty Draper in Mad Men in all her button front dresses and had to have one. I know the skirt is not as full as hers and I haven't chosen from her range of pastel colour but they don't really suit me. I will show the outcome if all goes well. I am making view A by the way.

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  1. Hi Bea!

    You look great! I barely recognized you. I can see your heart and personality through your design!
    *lovely fashion*

    Anna from Germany :-)