Grow your own

I spend the day gardening. Well, not all of it but the afternoon. I don't have a real garden, only a courtyard but that doesn't stop me from attempting to grow a few veggies and maybe even some fruit in my little outside space. Our courtyard needs a lot of TLC. When we moved into our house last summer, we were busy sorting the last few details for our wedding and getting the inside done up. There was a lot of work in the house, especially the kitchen as I mentioned yesterday. The outside is another big project that we are going to work on this year. The pictures only show a little bit of the old and tatty fence. The floor is awful and the shed is almost placed in the middle of the yard, not leaving much space for table and chairs. Basically it all has to go or move and needs it layers of paint and what not.
Anyway, since nature has its own schedule and seeds want to go in the ground now, I started filling my pots and trays today after a morning of food shopping and of course a trip to the garden center. There's finally some colour outside. I just hope the sun in the back of the house will be enough for my greenery to grow.

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