SSS day 16 and another new dress

Another 60s pattern finished. Actually it's Simplicity 9059 again and probably one of my new favourite pattern for Autumn/Winter this year. It's just so easily put together and there are so many options for me with this pattern.
This version was inspired by one of the dresses at the Horrockses exhibition because the print was in the same colours as this one. Black, lime green and a bit of white/ivory. When I saw the Horrockses version I fell in love with it and remembered that I have a piece of fabric in my stash in the same colours. So I fished it out and made this little dress from it. I decided to add a zipper between the from yoke and the main front panel just to add a different kind of detail.
Me posing with Bagpuss our other kitty...
with cardigan
Zip detail
Excuse the awkward and unflattering camera perspective but I asked my husband to take some pictures before I headed out the door for work. He was still in bed (lucky him) and shot the pictures lying down.
BTW this is now our last week together before he's off to Afghanistan. I am not happy.


  1. Love, love, love the dress. I am here as a friend if you need one. I understand all the emotions of sending a loved one off to Afghanistan.

    Hang in there.

  2. I love the dress!! Good luck to you and your hubby - I know - I bought a tripod because my Jonathan's pictures were so unflattering. . .

  3. Thanks a lot Lassie. That's very sweet of you.
    Pammie, I am thinking of getting one especially since I have to take my own pictures soon or I will be dependent on other people taking them.

  4. You have my sympathies over being separated from your husband! My husband and I have had to do it too, but he was just in grad school, so I know the circumstances don't compare. I wish you both the best!