Inspiration: High waisted trousers

I have been inspired by some of the high waisted trousers I have seen on the catwalk for Autumn/Winter. My favourite ones were by Chloe.
 In fact I like them so much, I decided I need to make a pair. I have never attempted trousers (Actually I did once but it went horribly wrong so I stayed away from any pattern with 2 legs involved) and now with winter coming up soon, I will take up the challenge again. I bought Burda 8848 a couple of months ago thinking I might make myself some sailor slacks but never did.
When I went out to one of the fabric shops here in Colchester yesterday I found this beautiful dog tooth cashmere/wool mix and had to buy it.
Hopefully this will make some nice wide legged trousers for winter.
Have you sewn Burda 8848 before? Any tips for me?

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