A little wander around Camden Market

After the Horrockses Fashion exhibition (see yesterdays post) Sam and I headed over to Camden market to top up our inspiration. Not that we needed any more inspiration but since we were already in London and still had half a day left, we headed for Camden. Always good to get some ideas. We went around all the vintage shops but didn't really buy anything. Not that there wasn't enough to buy...see pictures... but the prices have really gone up. I don't know whether it's still the recession or the increasing interest in vintage or just London prices, but it's quiet disappointing that you can't really find a bargain anymore.

After the exhibition we needed a little snack and a little refreshment aka cider
view from the pub
some quirky grafiti
and lots and lots of vintage
and at the end of it all some Swedish cider sampling and then back on the train home.


  1. When I was in Camden I didn't see all this vintage stuff...is it on a main street?? I haven't been in several years, so maybe it's new?

  2. It's off the main road. If you get of the tube at Camden town station and walk down the main shopping road over the river and under the train tracks and keep to left you get to the stables market area. I went a few times before until I realised it was there.